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How To Achieve 8+ Bands In IELTS Speaking?

IELTS Speaking

Attaining a score of 8 or higher in IELTS is undoubtedly a formidable objective, yet one that is within reach with dedication and the right approach. In this, the IELTS Speaking Test holds immense significance as it has a considerable influence over your overall band score. So, we aim to demystify the IELTS Speaking Test by dissecting its components, from various topics to furnishing examples to common interview queries. 

Along with this guide, it’s helpful to consider IELTS coaching in Dubai, as you will be supported by adept tutors who can serve as your weapon in achieving that coveted 8+ band score.

So, first things first. 

Understanding the IELTS Speaking Test:

Before diving into strategies and instances, any IELTS coaching in Dubai will start with grasping the framework of the exam, including the Speaking Test. In the speaking section, you will have three segments, each tailored to evaluate distinct aspects of your oral proficiency:

Part 1 – Introduction and Interview (4-5 minutes):

The examiner initiates the session and prompts you to introduce yourself. You respond to queries pertaining to familiar subjects like your interests, studies, profession, and daily routine.

Part 2 – Long Turn (3-4 minutes):

You receive a cue card containing a topic and prompts. You are allotted one minute to prepare and jot down notes, followed by speaking on the topic for up to two minutes.

Part 3 – Discussion (4-5 minutes):

You engage in a more profound discourse with the examiner, delving into the topic introduced in Part 2. This phase assesses your ability to articulate and justify viewpoints and ideas.

Types of Topics in the IELTS Speaking Test:

IELTS examiners curate a diverse array of topics to gauge your linguistic proficiency and communication prowess. Here are some prevalent categories:

  • Personal Experiences: Topics revolving around your daily life, hobbies, familial connections, or noteworthy occurrences.
  • Education and Work: Inquiries regarding your academic pursuits, professional endeavours, career aspirations, or workplace dynamics.
  • Social Issues: Dialogues concerning societal dilemmas such as environmental degradation, technological advancements, or cultural preservation.
  • Leisure and Entertainment: Themes encompassing literature, cinema, music, or recreational pursuits.
  • Global Issues: Interrogations pertaining to worldwide challenges like climate change, socioeconomic disparities, or diplomatic relations.

Illustrative Examples:

Let’s delve into an exemplification from the “Personal Experiences” category. 

Cue Card Topic: Narrate a significant family celebration you participated in.

Sample Responses you can try are as follows:

  • One of the most memorable family celebrations I attended was my grandmother’s 90th birthday gathering.
  • Our entire extended family congregated at our ancestral abode, infusing the atmosphere with exuberance and felicity.
  • I distinctly recollect the customary rites, including the ceremonial lighting and recital of prayers.
  • The zenith of the festivity was when my grandmother regaled us with tales from her life, accompanied by renditions of her beloved melodies.
  • It was an emotionally stirring experience that fostered familial closeness and left an indelible imprint on our memories.

Common Interview Questions:

Apart from cue card topics, anticipate commonplace interview inquiries such as:

  1. “Describe your hometown.”
  2. “What leisure activities do you enjoy?”
  3. “How do you manage your time efficiently?”
  4. “Elaborate on the role of technology in your life.”

Unlocking IELTS Success with IELTS Tutorials:

Now, let’s elucidate how, under a reputed IELTS coaching in Dubai, you can enhance your performance in the IELTS Speaking Test. With a professional tutor, your resources are expansive. Expert guidance and individualised coaching are particularly beneficial for elevating your confidence and proficiency.

Here’s what you can expect from experienced IELTS coaching in Dubai:

  • Personalised Feedback: Adept tutors furnish meticulous feedback on your speaking performance, pinpointing areas necessitating improvement and prescribing customised strategies.
  • Realistic Practice Tests: IELTS Tutorials proffers authentic practice assessments mirroring actual exam conditions, enabling you to acclimate to the test format and time constraints.
  • Vocabulary Augmentation: Coaching proffer vocabulary compendiums and recommendations to enrich your lexicon and expressions.
  • Fluency and Pronunciation: The resources are geared towards refining your fluency and enunciation, ensuring clarity and conviction in your speech.
  • Tailored Coaching: Your tutors can administer personalised coaching sessions to address your unique strengths and weaknesses. It ensures thorough preparation for the speaking test.

Final Word:

Attaining an 8+ band score on the IELTS Speaking Test is an achievable feat with the right IELTS coaching in Dubai. With an experienced coach as your ally, you possess the requisite support and resources to excel in this pivotal segment of the examination. All you have to do is use your resources well, prepare diligently, and chart your course to IELTS triumph.

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Good luck!

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