How TIM Helps You in Creating Fee-Free Sub-chains to be Your Personal Blockchain

With the hope that intermediary based commercial or financial systems will be eliminated, the decentralized ledger technology known as blockchain has been adopted massively in many areas of the world. There are a number of utilities that have been tested using architectures based on the blockchain, and the success achieved by some of the early adopters of this technology has paved the way to the digitalization of commerce. This led to the formation of the TIM blockchain and its fee-free sub-chains.

The TIM Blockchain Solution

Before you say you are providing a solution, there obviously has to be a problem. So what is the problem the TIM blockchain is trying to solve and how does it plan to do this?

The applicability of blockchain has been largely limited as a result of its bandwidth, which is a challenge when it comes to incorporating modern innovative business models to the technology. The issue of limited bandwidth has also caused an increase in the cost of transactions across the few numbers of blockchains out there.  

To solve this problem, a system with high performance is what is needed. The cryptographic nature up of the bandwidth of the blockchain has to be accounted for and be able to stand whatever hurdles the edges of science might present before it. This solution has a wide scope that cuts across double spending, irreversibility of transactions, and solves the problem of the extent of a single database being updated all through a network of dispersed nodes. This is what the TIM blockchain offers.

TIM Blockchain’s Fee-Free Sub-chains

Sub-chains are built in order to reduce orphan risks through the propagation of blocks layer-by-layer throughout the whole interval of blocks instead of having the block all at the same time. Though none of the transactions will have been confirmed in the original block, every new transaction layer assists in securing the transactions in the lower layers.

The TIM blockchain has the capability of hosting 260 sub-chains that are secured using fee-free challenger nodes. Using the same security and performance level as that of the TIM network, each sub-chain can function as either a roaming data storage, health record, or email address for members of the network.

The complete encryption of such a mailbox can prove to be beneficial in many ways. It can be used in profiling communications, it is completely free of any unwanted advertisements, and the best part is whatever you use for bandwidth or storage is completely free.


The issue of the size of a particular database being updated throughout a network of dispersed nodes has been a thorn in the side of the blockchain technology, but not anymore! Sub-chains were introduced to solve this problem and now the TIM blockchain is giving it the necessary push. Using fee-free challenger nodes for security, the TIM Blockchain is able to host 260 sub-chains that could be a health record, email address, or roaming data storage, all completely free.

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