How This Startup Boosts Employees’ Personal and Professional Growth in the Remote Workforce Era

The rise of remote work has brought about both advantages and challenges for employees. While the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere are appealing, the lack of social interaction, structured development opportunities, and feedback can hamper personal and professional growth. 

In traditional offices, employees typically have the luxury of formal in-house training programs. What’s more, social interactions greatly contribute to interpersonal relationship development. The problem with remote work is these opportunities are often limited, leaving employees struggling to find ways to develop their skills and advance their careers.

Research shows that only 6% of employees have worked remotely pre-pandemic. Today, a surge of 25% of professionals is expected to completely shift from office-based work to virtual. And as the numbers continue to rise, leaders from a multitude of industries are scouring for different techniques, strategies, and HR tactics to ensure that any growth challenges and development hiccups won’t hinder their employees from honing their greatness.

To fill this void, one startup aims to bring out the best in every employee through a personalized L&D platform tied with business KPIs: Growthspace. Growthspace offers a comprehensive platform for holistic employee development, including access to one-on-one mentoring, coaching, and group sessions. The platform is cloud-based, allowing for easy initiation and monitoring of employee development programs from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for lengthy interview processes and instead relies on AI to facilitate matches that can result in transformative personal and professional growth.

Data-Driven and Measurable L&D

The team behind Growthspace recognizes that the upcoming era of Learning and Development will be data-based, quantifiable, and customizable for each worker. To aid employees and teams in fulfilling their professional targets and business performance indicators on a large scale, their platform merges the world’s most comprehensive database with their global specialists’ network. For the first time in HR history, an employee development platform has been created that brings the power of data to personalized L&D, marking a significant milestone in the field.

Moreover, Growthspace enhances the efficacy of employee development by automating the process of matching employees with relevant training opportunities. This feature enables intelligent training matches in minutes, reducing the time required from HR to hours instead of days. Additionally, the platform provides alerts for missed training sessions to address gaps in employee development before it’s too late. 

How does Growthspace work?

To kickstart, Growthspace offers a five-step process: a) to define the scope of their L&D program; b) select business challenges; c) handle matchmaking; d) organize the program, and e) assess the impact. 

The organization is required to provide information about the employees they wish to develop and their specific growth needs, as well as the business strength they want each employee to achieve. Growthspace’s algorithm will then pair each employee with a suitable expert, and the program will be organized and scheduled by Growthspace. Measurement is crucial, and organizations can A/B test and iterate what works. 

With coaches, mentors, and training experts from more than 40 countries speaking 50 languages and a pool of almost 2,000 experts, employees can develop any skill required to improve their personal and professional lives.

Sprint-Based Development Programs

Growthspace’s personal and professional development programs utilize sprints, consisting of five one-on-one sessions with an expert that can best address each employee’s challenges. The program’s focus on a specific challenge allows for quick time-to-value, with measurable business KPIs used to track employee progress before, during, and after each sprint. 

Disclaimer: Growthspace specializes in professional development programs for mid-level managers and individual contributors and does not offer mental well-being or executive leadership programs.

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