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How this Indian Startup is Solving problems of Big Production Houses and Brands with Deepfake Technology

In recent times, technology is becoming more and more stupendous that one can think of. And Deepfake is one such wonder that is especially important for many big agencies, marketing companies, production houses, advertisement groups and brands.

And to keep the Deepfake technology seamless in the media, many big guns of production houses, advertisement agencies are looking up to the TID ( The Indian Deepfaker) for making enticing and chic avatars of stars, celebrities and executives, for commercial sake.

What is TID; The Indian Deepfaker?

Deepfake is a technology that demands creative and technical hands. TID (The Indian Deepfaker) is a grown-up synthetic media company that mainly works to make hyper realistic content using Deepfake technology. It is one of the leading names that truly make the AI-generated auto-magical content. Using the AI-generated visuals TID transforms either video or picture to convert the content into hyper realistic models through the smooth experience.

TID has made itself pretty much in the spotlight by counting its clients New York University, Shine TV Network (UK) – (Hunted TV Reality Show), HIGINGO (UK), IIM Ahmedabad, Hyderabad School of Business, Glance, WPP etc.

Also having worked with prominent name Production Houses, Film Industry, Brands, Advertisement Agencies and Research Teams of Universities like New York University, LPU etc makes reliably factor around.

Since the importance of Deepfake is pretty evident. And TID is offering its service to outstanding and noticeable marketing agencies, production companies, and social media powerhouses, around the globe.

The Indian Deepfaker is a platform that looks to make Deepfake ubiquitous for millennials and to the masses. It will broadly bring the masses to light about video productions- using just AI.

Save Time and Money with Deepfakes?

Deepfake is one of the leading class technologies that lets you try out your creative side. You can make realistic looking simulations of a real person, be it a celebrity or a star. Certainly that takes things to the next-level when it comes to media and its production.

Through Deepfake technology there is no need to go through the lengthy and complex process of hiring film crew, booking an actor or model to act, hiring expensive equipment and the cost of production.

It simply makes the process hassle-free where brands can type in the script to create realistic AI-generated videos. Deepfake builds the connectivity towards the viewers by making the AI-generated videos and ads of celebrities.

Why is Deepfake alluring to marketers?

Deepfake is a technological wonder that is more dedicated to marketers. And if you talk about the now normal “work-from-home” trend due to Covid-19 the importance of social distance has become grave. When meeting in person and hiring actors seem a challenge Deepfake makes its entry right.

Withering making things too unnatural, Deepfake makes convincing and less expensive AI-generated content. In a word Deepfake technology is ground-breaking but for TID, consumers and brands there is a strict legal and ethical policy to follow.

Who is the founder of TID?

Divyendra Singh Jadoun is the founder of polymath synthetic media solution, a parent body of TID media group. Jadoun said; “Clearly, this is a huge positive coming from well-known celebrities”.

Divyendra is looking forward to the use of Deepfake especially in educational and academic purposes. He also said: Imagine sitting in a physics class and watching Einstein delivering a lecture on the theory of relativity“. As for now Deepfake is offering its service for many industries such as;

Education and academic

Education and learning is one of the best niches that Deepfake is serving the right way. Delivering the lessons and lectures with visuals helps the students to get better understanding. The Ai-generated diagram and historical figures always allow you to have it for its very engaging and interactive that brings facts to light.

For Mimicry Artists

Mimicry or imitator artists have always been a meter of amusement. With Deepfake the audio and visuals experience becomes more prominent while seeing your favorite celebs on-screen. It works the same way as you have seen the Tom Cruise popular Deepfake video by Miles Fisher!

For Creators and Celebrities

Deepfake for making AI-generated models has unbeatable performance. TID is a reliable place for generating celebrity-based content that is seamless in its performance. With TID you get optimal and beer outreach to reach the audience and that enhances popularity.


For enjoyment and entertainment purposes Deepfake is getting popular. At TID you get the service for that as well. If you want your personalized package for the hyper realistic and high-quality Deepfake medial, now it’s possible! From superhero to movie star, you can see the Deepfake of anyone you anticipate, even of your own self!

Social Media Content

Deepfake technology for social media content popularity is quite obvious. TID produces AI-generated content dedicatedly to social media for larger audience engagement and drive. So if you are a brand or a marketing agency you can approach TID for sure. For maximum content viewership and influence Deepfake is all that you need!

Production houses

In VFX, CGI and special effect Deepfake technology is making its presence noticeable. For the film industry, media and production houses, making documentaries in famous celeries is becoming easier. You get the wider gamut to make hyper realistic facial reenactment of celebrities with personalized touch by the virtue of Deepfake!

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