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How The PM Kisan Scheme Financially Helped Millions Of Farmers In India

The government of India is providing opportunities to millions of farmers. This scheme is to help farmers financially to fulfil their basic needs and requirements. During the pandemic the situation of farmers is worst, large numbers of farmers are unemployed and homeless. They are not able to earn and feed their families on their own. The government decided to help and serve them with the best because farmers are the future of any country.

In India, we all are aware of poverty and unemployment. After the pandemic, the situation is even worse. Farmers who do hard work just to feed the people of the country, now helpless and jobless. You can just click for PM Kisan Status Check and to know about all the registration possibilities.

Financially supportive and time-saving

To get this scheme farmers to have to register first to get the given amount by the central government. This scheme launched by prime minister Narendra Modi has provided financial support to over 10 crore farmers in India. 

Pm Kisan scheme offers direct money deposits in the bank account of farmers. Hence, this scheme is time-saving too for the farmers who are aged and not being able to stand in queues for hours. Money will be received in instalments per year. Annually the registered farmers will receive 6000 RS in their accounts.

Economic growth of the country

Many farmers have left with 0 savings, they don’t have a single penny to start their farming all over again. Some feed their families with the given amount by the government. But many farmers invest the money back in their business of farming. Because the growth is most important and by this, the economic growth of the country is increasing too.

A true farmer thinks for the country first and then himself. Starting and investing in farming and agriculture again will profit a farmer’s family and also many families in the country. Because the increasing economic growth of the country will help farmers, its citizens, and the government too. This scheme is beneficial for the whole country. 

Can afford to time meal

Jobless farmers can’t even afford to time meals for their families and themselves. And the government can’t ignore this situation because of poverty and lack of money farmers are dying, their children are suffering because of hunger and not having a roof on top.

Now with the scheme, they can have two meals a day at least. Their families and children are not sleeping on empty stomachs and don’t have to fight for hunger and food. For a person, the basic requirements are food and home. Government has to take some steps against poverty and lack of employment. 

Suspicious relationship between farmers and government

Riots between farmers and the government are increasing day by day and it is not tolerable for any country. Government and farmers are the two main personalities of a country; they are the backbone. Farmers are the ones who produce and cultivate food for the entire population and the government who runs the country and serves the best to their citizens.

Misunderstandings and distrust between the two is something the people of India can’t face. Because of this situation, there are many riots and unhealthy fights are happening. This leads to disappointment for the citizens and also affects the GDP and economic growth of the country.

Riots always cause loss and a disturbing environment for the country and it is not suitable for the citizens, children, and elders. This can be a serious situation mentally and physically too.

The pm Kisan yojana helped in making the reactions better between farmers and government and gaining trust for each other again. Because it takes nothing to distrust and to behave unlawfully or violently. But it takes many years to build trust and to grow economic facilities for the citizens and common people. With trust and better relations, a country can grow. 

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