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Motley Fool vs Zacks – How They’re Different for Investing

How the Motley Fool and Zacks Are Different for Investing

Motley Fool, launched in 1993, and Zacks, launched in 1978, are two great securities investors who have been active for more than three decades. Both are excellent and experienced investing companies providing stock advice to the public. They both have a very good reputation in the investment industry, however, the difference between them arises when it comes to the financial services they provide. The Motley Fool gives outstanding stock recommendations based on their successful investment method, while Zacks is a brokerage platform designed for advanced traders.

A full comparison guide will be provided below for you to choose what service is best suited for your investment needs.

About The Motley Fool

Founded by brothers Tom and David Gardner in 1993 as a private finance and investment advisory company. The Motley Fool’s primary business is to provide free and paid advice and guidance for thousands around the world by offering stock research and analysis, and recommendations.

Operating in Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom, the company has many services to offer based on your investment style, the stock advisor being the most favorable one. It offers a bit of everything from what the Motley Fool provides.

Other services like “Everlasting Stocks”, “Rule Breakers”, “Retirement”, “Investment Basics”, “Personal Finance”, and “Stock Market” are available on the website.

Motley Fool Services

You have to ask yourself several questions before you choose the right service like, what’s your preferred investment style? What’s your budget for investment? What’s the track record? What are the investment goals? What is your investment time frame? A lot of questions come to light when you’re searching for answers.

If you’re torn between choosing the right investment service from Motley Fool, as mentioned before, it all depends on your investment style.

We recommend going with Stock Advisor if you’re looking for the best service offered overall. Go with the Rule Breakers service if you’re looking for growth, and of course, the rule your retirement when you’re planning for retirement – From Best Motley Fool Service

Stock Advisor is the oldest service that they offer, launched in 2002. It provides you with two stock suggestions. Each stock recommendation will provide a detailed analysis of why The Motley Fool recommended it and why you should buy it; you can then decide for yourself.

Rule Breakers is a stock advisory service that focuses on high-growth stocks in high-growth industries, it focuses on companies that have the potential to grow massively in the coming years.

For more details, please check our article on Stock Advisor vs Rule Breakers

Prices and fees

The prices of the most popular services that Motley Fool offer:

  • Stock Advisor: $199/year
  • Rule Breakers: $299/year
  • Rule Your Retirement: $149/year

Note: The fees you pay to get Motley Fool services to depend on the bundles and promotions you choose. For instance, if you choose Rule Breakers: Platinum, the fee would be around $3,999, but you get access to their most popular trend services.

The fees of Motley Fool are very affordable to anyone if you pick anything from the mentioned above.

About Zacks

Zacks Investment Research was founded by Len Zacks in 1978. Zacks’ major goal is to provide independent research to investors to provide them with a trading advantage. The firm is led by a group of professionals who specialize in quantitative research of stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Zacks Trade is available in 218 countries on 90 different exchanges.

Zacks Services

Zacks #1 Rank: Much like Stock Advisor recommendations, however, it does differ in how it delivers and maintains them. In Zacks, you have to log in to the system to check the #1 rank list.  Every month Fool sends you two stock recommendations, as well as sell alerts when necessary.

Equity Research Report: Zacks Equity Research combines the power of the Zacks Rank with the insight provided by experienced equity analysts to create Zacks Research Reports to help you achieve your financial goals.

Broker-assisted trading: One of the unique features of the platform, a free service provided on the Zacks platform.

Zacks Trade is available in 218 countries on 90 different exchanges.

Prices and Fees

No annual fees are required to use the Zacks platform, however, some trade fees are charged. For the premium subscription to Zacks, please check the below:

  • Zacks Premium: $249/year
  • Zacks Investor Collection: $499/year
  • Zacks Ultimate: $2,995/year
  • Note: $2500 is required to open an account.

For a more in-depth comparison, check the article about Motley Fool vs Zacks.

What is better for you?

The Motley Fool and Zacks Trade are two of the most well-known sites of their nature. Both companies have been successfully operating for years and provide a variety of services that appeal to a wide range of traders.

All in all, it comes down to a balance between cost and services provided. The Zacks’s advantage derives from their focus on the basics and their dedication to integrating content without advertisements. Motley Fool does well with a wide range of investing news, advice, and tools for every level of investor. It all comes down to your preferences; when you’re making your decision you should weigh the additional costs provided by each service against the additional features it brings to the table. Both are worth considering because they can be so valuable; it’s just a matter of finding which one works the best for your situation. As they say, only you can decide what is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Motley Fool has a good reputation for taking on the renowned Zacks and their stock advice. we recommend Motley Fool over the Zacks. One of the reasons is that you can access it via your phone, find great research, timely and well-written articles, how-tos, and general investment good advice on a host of topics that take you where you want to be – in control of your financial future.

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