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How The Money Nerve’s “The Financially Fit Kidz” Book Series Teaches Financial Literacy

The seeds of financial literacy are planted during our childhoods. It is an essential concept for individuals to grasp in order to act as functioning, responsible adult, and so teaching it to children increases the likelihood of them mastering this skill by the time they have enough money of their own to manage.

The Money Nerve will soon release the debut of its series “The Financially Fit Kidz”, called Darius Wants a Dog. This series aims to assist parents in teaching their children about the concept of responsibly handling their money and preparing them for their financial future. But what exactly does it mean to be financially literate, and how can the Financially Fit Kidz books help? This article will answer both of these questions and more.

What Is Financial Literacy?

One of the most valuable lessons a parent can impart to their children is financial literacy. This concept refers to the effective utilization of one’s financial assets in order to ensure lifelong fiscal health. Put simply, it refers to the skills of saving, investing, and looking after one’s money, while also including tangential concepts such as paying bills in a timely manner and managing debt.

As is true for any other learned skill, it is easier to pick up the earlier one is exposed to it. This is why it is so crucially important for education surrounding this topic to commence during a person’s childhood – as there is no better time to learn about this than when a child is in their parent’s safety net.

Ensuring these lessons are learned early mitigates the chance of bad habits being picked up later on in life as the individual has already developed a healthy relationship with money. That being said, many parents may find it difficult to teach children about such a complex topic – which is where The Financially Fit Kidz book series comes in.

How Financially Fit Kidz Books Help

Authors Bob Wheeler and Phillip McAdoo are the writers behind the Financially Fit Kidz series, which has been designed specifically with children in mind to help impart these valuable monetary lessons in a way that feels natural.

Take the series’s debut, for example, Darius Wants a Dog, which has been written from the perspective of a boy coming to understand the realities of owning a dog. While he was initially drawn in by the allure of good aspects of owning a dog, he soon realized that ownership comprised much more than this.

Furthermore, Darius soon learned that owning a dog (much like any other possession) requires time, money, and patience – not merely a desire to own one. Darius must learn to budget so he can afford the dog’s food and toys, as well as make time for the pet.

About The Money Nerve

The Money Nerve is Bob Wheeler’s outlet for everything to do with financial education. Here, readers can find his gripping articles and interesting podcasts all pertinent to the topic. Whether you are interested in how to get started with investing or are trying to get your emergency fund up and running, The Money Nerve will have the financial resources you are looking for.

In particular, Bob speaks frequently about the strong connection between our emotions and spending habits, and how pivotal mastering this relationship is to our fiscal well-being. Motivated by a passion for helping others, Bob was proud to announce that he would be donating 10% of the profits to the Room to Read charity.

Final Take

Ultimately, The Money Nerve’s “Financially Fit Kidz” book series is an incredible resource for teaching children about financial literacy. This subject is frequently found by parents to be difficult to teach, what with the obstinateness of children and the complexity of the topic, but books such as Darius Wants a Dog simplify the process immensely.

If you are interested in placing an order for the book in advance of its upcoming release, feel free to follow the included link to do so.

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