How The Hours Uses NFT Technology To Help Us Understand Messages From The Universe

Time plays a crucial role in the daily lives of everyone, yet no one knows why we are so fascinated by this concept. The Hours, a new NFT collection, can shed some light on the meaning of time and why specific minutes or hours might matter to us. As a result, understanding the universe’s message being sent to us may become slightly more accessible.

The Hours NFT Collection

Everyone who owns a device depicting time is compelled to check it often. In some cases, it is just to know the time, whereas other devices – such as phones – might serve more as a distraction. According to recent research, the average user checks their phone roughly 110 times per day. Although not all of those interactions have to do with figuring out the time, an astonishing number.

Even so, the human race is fascinated by time and its meaning. Specific day hours have a deeper meaning for some, even if they might not understand why that is. That is where The Hours comes in, as this NFT collection depicts every minute and hour of the day. That might not seem unique or innovative, but there is more to this collection than just numbers.

The artist sees The Hours as a combination of art, technology, and numbers. Even when we see the same time on our phone or computer over and over again, we remain puzzled as to why this happens. Perhaps it is a sign from the universe, although we may fail to grasp its meaning. The Hours represents every minute and hour of the day, with a meaning attached to it. 

Seeing The Bigger Picture

The meaning behind 02:22 or 08:41 may ring true for the user who looks upon this NFT. It is the first collection of its kind to be tokenized on the blockchain. Moreover, there is a “viral” potential to The Hours, as it can help people connect with their higher selves to achieve personal growth. Sometimes, it only takes a small nudge to help us evolve into a better version of ourselves.

Visually, The Hours stands out among NFT collections through the hand-crafted colors used in the backgrounds. Those colors come from the BitColors collection, adding a different experience to the NFTs. Some people may have certain feelings toward an NFT due to its color, combined with the depicted time and meaning. It is a very expressive collection that can mean something unique to everyone. 

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