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How the eSports Industry is Rapidly Growing in India

Esports is one of the vast growing gaming industries in India – undoubtedly in the Future, more opportunities and earnings will be derived from the industry. 

The Data estimates esports to reach 5.29 billion by 2029, growing at a pace of 20.50%

As the eSports industry is monetized, people all over the world have gained keen interest, making themselves competitive to establish a name and earn In the platform.

Most importantly, the industry is creating a job scope not only for games but for every field, such as content writers, video editors, organizations, etc.

The Seven-figure income with brand endorsement, advertising, Fame, and live events are no longer uncommon for esports gamers. 

Esports Giving Rise to Career Opportunities

The youth of India can go for something other than the typical 9 to 5 as eSports is taking over and giving advancement to several career opportunities in the Gaming World. 

These are the following career paths in the eSports industry to make more money with the gaming passion inside you.

  • Professional Gamer – Every kid likes the path to being a professional gamer. When we are young, we love playing games, aren’t we? Hence giving efforts in the right direction, like competing in esports tournaments, leagues, and events, will surely give 7 figure prize money, sponsorship, and respect in the gaming industry.


  • Coach Analyst – Every player needs a coach and analyst for better performance strategies and efficient gameplay, so it is another career opportunity.


  • Tournament Organizer – Organizations that efficiently carry out gameplay events are an art, and the eSports industry requires such responsible people to handle the work and organize tournaments.


  • eSports Journalist/ Reporter – eSports gaming has a crazy audience – streaming from all parts of the world, which creates a path for journalists and reporters to spread news and report on the events happening in the industry.


  • Broadcaster/ Production Crew – Broadcasting is needed to stream games, and also a production house for videography. Proper streaming management is essential, just like any other sports gameplay balance and viewership.


  • Game Developer/Designer – Game developers and designers create graphics and design games for gaming professionals to play, as without this, the entire eSports will vain.

Esports Tournament Rise In India

2024 has more surprises with higher winning prizes as tournament organizer Skyesports announced 20 crores to be paid to winning teams in 2024

Krafton, who created chaos in the eSports industry by disbursing 3.8 crore in 2023, said the prize money and competitive scale would be higher in 2024 in tier 2- and tier 3 cities.

Apart from gaming, another industry is growing rapidly in India which is Lottery Sambad also known as Dear LotteryThis industry is so huge, that it is creating employment for people in many states of India.

Esports Industry Gaining More Fame

The viewership of esports gaming is actively increasing year by year, with more live events, crowds, and millions of online streaming viewers.

The CEO of Krafton, Sean Hyunil Sohn, said that in 2023, viewership took new heights with 54000 on-spot live crowds and more than 110 million viewers streaming online.

Therefore, Gaming is something anyone can’t ignore, which is creating a rise in the industry. 2024 is said to be even bigger than the previous years as more people are now educated and aware of Esports Gaming.

Emerging Games in the eSports Industry

There are tons of appealing esports games including Shillong Teer that gamers love to play, and non-players love to view them, giving them a rise in popularity and streaming. 

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Counter-Strike
  • League of legends
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty
  • Counter-Strike
  • Dota
  • Pokemon Unite
  • Minecraft
  • Rocket League
  • Free fire

More other games are also present where gamers can have a blast playing and earning. 

How to join eSports Gaming in India?

Joining Esports Gaming is simplified in Easy steps.

  • Knows your strength in a particular game
  • Practice and Develop your gaming skills
  • Register on your chosen Gaming platform’s
  • Connect with communities like Discord, where they help you build a network
  • Participate in local and professional tournaments
  • Be Informed about live events, tournaments, and the Industry’s Latest news
  • Don’t mind joining a team for better understanding, opportunities, and network
  • Don’t leave any events. Attend local tournaments also
  • Be Patient and Persistent

Current State of the Esports Industry

The eSports industry is rapidly evolving, and more people are becoming aware of opportunities. It’s a new craze for youth – ages from 16-24 to become professional gamer and build a career in gaming.

Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, also supports the sports industry and says India’s being in the top 5 gaming markets will boost the Indian economy to a value of millions of dollars in the coming years.

Up school some years back went ahead of time and introduced esports gaming as their school extracurricular activities for their children.

The Future is here; you only need to take your passion for gaming forward, practice, and take a step.

Possible Setbacks of the Esports Gaming Industry 

Many Indian parents are not educated and not aware of the greatness that eSports can offer, which causes their children to lack support.

In India, they also say that you need to have a successful YouTuber and organization support taking you forward to succeed in the esports industry.

Many Teenagers have a high passion for gaming, but they need more money to invest in buying a high-end device for more efficient gaming, which can be a setback.

Wrapping up

Despite the setback, the eSports industry will still rapidly advance and grow in the Future, and gamers who put in the effort and time will be rewarded for their patience.

The world Is advancing, and there are far better ways to earn. The youth, being high in energy and game enthusiast, spend most of their time in Gaming and have a better future if they invest it in the right direction.

The Esports Industry is already a boom, and the future years are going to be next-level. 

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