How the EMG SuperApp is Redefining Digital Finance

Journey to Blockchain Innovation: 

Mark, your path has led you to create the EMG SuperApp. Could you share what sparked this idea and how your past experiences influenced its direction? I have been working in the Telecommunications space for over 15 years launching products and services for Telcos. I saw the need for connectivity/communication without borders or socioeconomic barriers when Emeldi Group were asked to provide POC for Orange mobile operator Morocco implementing a Telco specific e-commerce and mobile money transfer platform

Impact on African Digital Finance: 

Your collaboration with Opera Mini to integrate EMG SuperApp seems quite impactful. What changes do you expect this partnership to bring to digital finance in Africa? When you download the app, the EMG Super App, you get a digital wallet. It’s non custodial, so we have no access to it, only you have all the access. You can actually get EMG tokens there for every time you do a transaction. So if we were talking, we could do a video call right now, and you could say send me 100 USDT, or EMG tokens. I’ll get the request, and I don’t have to leave our call, and I’ll send you the money right away. Every time you complete a transaction, 5% of the tokens go right back to your wallet. People can save/earn daily on their everyday life interactions with 3rd party apps using the EMG SuperApp

So we’re able to do all these kinds of services for people. We’re integrating really cool third party apps that are localised and specific for countries. 

And people want to use them. And people want to use them, and we’re making arrangements so they also get earnings every time they make a transaction. 

 We’re building a whole ecosystem with the EMG digital token, sending and receiving money, and we’re making it easy to use. And for countries where regulations permit, you could do sports betting.

Tackling Digital Transaction Challenges: 

In light of issues like high fees and lack of transparency, especially in African countries, what strategies does EMG SuperApp have to overcome these hurdles and gain user trust? Emeldi Group has 20 years of experience with a seasoned blockchain team and development infrastructure delivering mission critical applications to incumbent operators. Such experience and strong foundation in software development should bring trust and reassurance to users when using the EMG SuperApp

What Makes EMG SuperApp Stand Out: 

For Nigeria, it’s the fact that we can actually launch our own mobile network, and give data free for six months; so basically connecting people being the first all-in-one SuperApp 

And with our digital wallet, you can send and receive money while using it to earn. We’re actually banking the unbanked. 

I’ve seen in the last two years a lot of web3 projects out there, saying they’re banking the unbanked , and connecting the unconnected, but never do. After two years, they raise a lot of money, and I ask how many subscribers they have, and they say 0. 

 What we’re doing is different. We’ve got local partners, and we’re looking to open up a software house that fits well here. We’re actually investing and we’re integrating  in big projects with the telcos. We have a thing where my father and I are only like two hours of flying distance, and so we can handle the project, we can integrate, and implement ourselves.

In a market with various digital finance tools, what unique features does the EMG SuperApp offer? How do you ensure it caters to the specific needs of users across different African regions?  

Vision for the Future: 

What are your aspirations for the EMG SuperApp in Africa and elsewhere? How do you plan to adapt and grow the app in this fast-evolving digital finance world? So what we’re doing is really exciting. We decided to launch our own MVNO (Mobile virtual network operators). We are actually going to use some of the network from one of the other incumbent operators, and we will be launching for the first 200,000 users, who will get six months of data for free. That should bring people onboard the EMG SuperApp making lives easier and simpler



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