How the Dacxi Chain equity crowdfunding platform will democratize wealth

Dacxi Chain equity crowdfunding platform

Life’s good if you’re in the top 1%.  For the other 99%, wealth inequality  creates a host of issues – including access to higher education, effective healthcare, and many other things privileged societies take for granted. While inequality is discussed endlessly, aside from charity and various aid, there are few other solutions put on the table. But however well-meaning charity might be, it consistently fails to address the key problem; as long as people in developing countries (and those living outside economically strong regions) face major obstacles to generating their own wealth, inequality will remain.

In other words, global wealth is currently concentrated in the hands of too few hands. The world needs to dismantle this system of financial imperialism, and democratize wealth. This means wealth building opportunities must be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

The ideas, entrepreneurs and risk capital are all there ready and waiting. The problem is connecting them and allowing the money to flow. 

How can we unleash virtually unlimited innovation potential? 

All around the world, you’ll find smart people with brilliant ideas, who are struggling to develop their products and businesses. There’s a common thread that runs through their stories; lack of access to adequate equity investor finance.

Crowdfunding is the ideal medium for delivering the funding they need. There is a huge global pool of speculative capital available from small investors in search of Early Stage investment opportunities. The Early Stage is where the hyper-growth in value occurs, making viable new ventures highly sought after by savvy investors. However, the ventures they can invest in are often extremely limited. The Dacxi Chain is designed to solve this issue, and unleash a new level of innovative and world-changing entrepreneurial power. 

Dacxi CEO, Ian Lowe, says, ‘The Dacxi Chain will level the playing field. Traditionally, entrepreneurs go to venture capitalists to fund their ideas. The problem is that most potential investors are locked out of early-stage investments due to tightly held business networks and accredited investor legislation. You need to be a wealthy, well-connected investor to get the opportunity to invest early on where the hyper-growth in value occurs. The rich get richer. ‘

The Dacxi Chain tokenized equity crowdfunding platform is an effective solution to both problems. Through the tokenization of company shares, the Dacxi Chain will democratize the funding process – connecting entrepreneurs and investors, regardless of where they live. Now anyone, anywhere can have their venture considered for funding. And anyone, anywhere can be an Early Stage investor. 

How will the Dacxi Chain democratize venture funding?

The Dacxi Chain uses the process of tokenization to create digital versions of a company’s shares. Financial assets (like shares) are ideal candidates for tokenization, because it makes them significantly easier to buy, store and sell independently and globally. Compared to seeking traditional venture capital, tokenized shares are a much easier way for founders to fund a startup. They also make it much easier for everyday investors to back projects where they see potential.

Dacxi Chief Product Officer Fernando Pacheco sums it up; “Tokenization of crowdfunding will increase access to liquidity, create transparency, automate compliance, and bring a wealth of new opportunities for both sides of the early-stage funding equation.

The Dacxi Chain tokenized equity crowdfunding system will:

  • Allow investment opportunities to be easily offered around the world, building a massive audience base for entrepreneurs
  • Connect projects with investors who have an interest in the market, and therefore understand the potential of the opportunity
  • Let people from anywhere in the world invest in small amounts
  • Provide simple management of investments
  • Provide asset liquidity by allowing tokens to be sold on global exchanges

These advantages will empower innovators to raise more money, faster, from anywhere in the world. And no longer will investing in Early Stage opportunities be a privilege of the wealthy few.

The benefits of living in a financially democratized world.

A glance at any news outlet will show you the effects of inequality all over the world. Whether it’s a drug epidemic, human trafficking, economic migrants braving storms in the Mediterranean Sea, or famine, the root of the problem is always a weak economic base that no amount of charity or aid can cure.

A strong economy with a thriving small business sector gives people purpose, meaning, and a future to look forward to. A strong tax base pays for education, healthcare, and public safety. All that adds up to a better quality of life. This outcome is attainable, but not without an effective worldwide venture funding network to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential.  

Dacxi believes that entrepreneurs are the future. They can and will change the world. With the right funding, they can provide brilliant solutions to virtually every problem the world can imagine. And in doing so, they can improve lives, deliver equality, create wealth, and distribute it fairly.

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