How The Beauty of Borrowed Light Can Transform Your Home

Beautiful yet totally transformative, the power of borrowed light is one of interior design’s best-kept secrets. Through the simple method of allowing more light into dark spaces with a beautiful glazed internal door, you can easily and unexpectedly transform your interior into your dream home – all with the simple magic of natural daylight.

What is Borrowed Light and How Can I Bring it Into My Home?

The term ‘borrowed light’ has been cropping up again and again in both architectural and interior design circles, as more and more homeowners begin to discover the amazing benefits it can bring to an inside space.

Borrowed light makes use of natural daylight that comes into your home through glass doors, windows, skylights, and external glazed doors, such as patio or French doors. By creating a traveling pathway for this natural light through your home, you can ‘borrow’ this light and make use of it to illuminate darker spaces in your interior – regaining the feeling of space without sacrificing privacy.

Simple & Effective Ideas on How You Can Use Borrowed Light in Your Interior Design

Using glazed internal doors to create a light-filled home couldn’t be easier, even for the most novice of DIY-ers or interior designers. 

By simply swapping out traditional solid paneled doors in your home for a glazed alternative, you can quickly have the effect of instantly lightening and brightening your interior, without any extensive remodeling or knocking through.

Glazed Doors in Your Living Spaces Bring Borrowed Light Without Losing Privacy

In a traditional partitioned room layout, where each living and utility space has its own dedicated area, introducing a door with a glazed panel allows you to have all the benefits of an open-plan space, while still being able to shut the room away from the rest of the house. 

Use a Glazed or Part-Glazed Door in Your Kitchen To Flood Your Space With Light

In many homes the dream of a bright, light-filled kitchen is a must-have. Having your morning coffee bathed in the glow of beautiful daylight doesn’t have to be a dream when you unlock the power of borrowed light.

Introducing a glazed door into your kitchen is one of the most effective ways in which you can harness the potential that borrowed light brings. Introducing a new light pathway through your house and into a cooking area or breakfast space can instantly give your kitchen a feeling of spaciousness. 

If your kitchen leads onto a dining area, a glass partition door will give you both the flexibility of an open-plan kitchen/diner, while still allowing you to close off the space for more intimate dinners (or to reduce cooking smells when you’ve burnt the toast!)

Replacing solid doors with a glass door or a wood door with a glazed panel can also transform the transition from a kitchen into a dark utility room or pantry by allowing natural light from the kitchen to illuminate both sides of the door. 

Find a door which matches your existing cabinets for a clean look or try a stylish mismatched charm with a contrasting wood finished door or even a stained glass window pane for something a little bit different.

Glazed Internal Doors are the New Way to Do Open-Plan Living

Forget open-plan living, the modern way to live in a free-flowing and family-friendly house is broken-plan living. Broken-plan living is the art of introducing glazed and part-glazed doors and partitions into an open-plan layout to give a flexible living space that can be opened out and closed off as required. 

With the clever use of a glazed door to divide a living space from a utility space (such as a kitchen or hallway), you retain the feeling of space and allow light to travel to even the darkest corners of your home. A glass partition or door also adds a clever break for the eye between areas, acting as a stylish space divider.

Borrowed light can be harnessed in a myriad of ways in your home to transform your interior easily and effectively. A light, bright home never dates and the clever introduction of the right glazed interior door in just the right spot can be just as effective as a complete redecoration.

The beauty of borrowed light as it moves through your house, taking on the changing characteristics of the different times of day can overhaul your décor and open up a wealth of new possibilities for how you use your home day to day. It can also mean that less artificial light is needed in darker spaces, and used cleverly, even windowless rooms can be completely transformed.

Where Can I Shop for Internal Glazed and Part Glazed Doors?

Online Door Store offers a wide range of beautiful fully glazed and part-glazed doors to suit any project – and we also offer next day delivery! Speak to one of our knowledgeable team today for more ideas and find the perfect door for your next project.

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