How The Allure of Ownership and Mix of Storytelling Drives the Demand of Comic Book NFTs

For normies, it is puzzling that people are spending a fortune on digital assets and NFT “JPEGS”. In numerous auctions, assets have been bought at a huge premium to the astonishment of folks outside NFTs and crypto. 

The power of asset ownership

There have been several explanations to decrypt the buyer’s psychological state during high-profile, high-stake auctions. Table-topping theories include talk of irrational exuberance dashing principles realists believe are cast on stone. 

As seen over time, the expectations that buyers always comply with forces such as supply and demand have been found to be non-binding as expertly crafted art pieces telling a story are sold for millions. 

As surreal and puzzling as it is—especially during high stake auctions–, people fail to recognize the motivation of true power of ownership in NFTs and how artists have repeatedly successfully weaved stories in these NFTs. 

Why Comic NFTs tend to be Successful

It may be intentional. 

Regardless, as inadvertent as it could also be, comic book NFT collections guaranteeing ownership while concurrently telling a story, conjuring primal emotions, tend to be instantly successful. The recent hot sale of Spiderman and other Marvel Comic characters as NFTs could explain this phenomenon. They were sold at a premium, raising $1 million in gross revenue in less than five minutes. 

The Marvel Comic NFTs sale was a continuation of an existing trend. Increasingly, more comic authors are converting their creations to NFTs and are warmly received by its global fan base. Among the top comic NFTs are:

Journey of Stardust Collection

The collection comprises 100 pages of comic NFTs telling the story of Stardust, a young wizard, and an adventure exploring his home world. On his journey, he uncovers an ongoing conflict between humans and wizards and an even larger existential threat that could wipe them all. Of note, the collection was inspired by BitColors.

The Defiant

The collection by the iconic Rob Liefeld is the first of the four comics on the Makersplace NFT marketplace featuring a disparate group of warriors standing on the front to protect humanity. The winner of the first auction would, amongst other perks, gets a chance for a one-on-one Zoom call with the creator and receive a signed copy of “Venompool, Limited Edition”. Meanwhile, its collectors will each receive a copy of the hand-drawn digital penciling of the “Vandel” Hero—of which there will only be 250 characters, available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible NFTs

This is a 200-page comic book cover collection by Stan Lee, Sharad Devarajan, and Jeevan J. Kang that pays tribute to the co-creator of Chakra the Invincible. It also features five new limited-edition variations of comic book covers. Compliant with the ERC-1155 standard, each cover will have 250 editions for a total of 1,250 comic NFTs. 

Closing thoughts

NFTs and the underlying facilitating blockchain are breaking barriers and presenting new exploration fronts enabling all artists, especially indie authors, to express themselves freely. Comic book creators can tell their stories, tokenize files, and distribute them as NFTs to fans through the blockchain without worrying about the throttling forces of centralized publishers. The Journey of Stardust, The Defiant, and others are some of the top comic book NFTs leading the way while highlighting how blockchain is helping unbridle creativity.

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