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How TEMVOX Seeks to Revolutionize Business-2-Customer Communication with its Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

A 2023 Forbes report states that only 1.6% of call center interactions are automated. The report further highlighted that the number will hit 10% in 2026, saving businesses about $80 billion in labor costs annually. As businesses reposition themselves to leverage AI solutions for B2C communication, top startups like TEMVOX are already building cutting-edge AI solutions for diverse (corporate, medium, and small) business organizations.

Launched in 2023, TEMVOX has grown into one of the leading startups offering cutting-edge AI business solutions worldwide. With 15 employees and 20 partners, and a presence in the EU, Great Britain, and plans expansion to the United States, Central Asia, and South America, the startup is poised to revolutionize B2C communication.

More Details About TEMVOX

TEMVOX is a new-generation startup with cutting-edge AI solution technology that deploys no-code virtual assistants that can completely replace contact centers for business organizations. The technology is designed to speak and write like human beings and can provide customers with an efficient and personalized experience. 

TEMVOX AI Communication Process

TEMVOX AI solution can serve as an AI chatbot, voicebot, chat platform, and omnichannel messaging platform for large, medium, and small businesses.

According to the team, the TEMVOX voice assistants are built to streamline the customer support process without the inefficiency of humans. Aside from helping companies save time and cut costs in B2C communication, the AI solution delivers a top customer experience. 

Although there are other top AI solutions in the B2C communication market, TEMVOX allows businesses to;

  • Integrate the Assistant to any services

Once the AI is set up for a business establishment, the owners can use the Assistant with most IP-PBX CRM systems. Business owners can also integrate the Assistant into Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp. 

  • Enjoy Omnichannel Communication in all Channels

TEMVOX AI assistants are designed to enable omnichannel communication over multiple channels. Users can enjoy support for calls, social networks, instant messengers, SMS, and email. 

  • Keep Track of Statistics in Personal Accounts

The TEMVOX AI assistants allow business owners to track their AI assistant’s statistics via personal accounts. This includes their bots, iteration costs, logs, customer database, and comprehensive campaign performance analytics. 

TEMVOX is Designed for all Businesses

While most of the leading AI solutions are built to exclusively serve either large, medium, or small business establishments, TEMVOX caters to all business sizes. 

For large businesses, TEMVOX designs streamlined AI solutions to solve their specific needs. Medium businesses provide their customers with personalized experiences using the TEMVOX AI voice bot. Additionally, small businesses can leverage the no-code AI voice and chatbots to automate their customer support process. These AI voice and chatbots are user-friendly and easy to implement for small businesses. 

Three Pronged Business-2-Customer Communication Approach 

“TEMVOX AI solutions offer deployment options across three pivotal business domains essential for customer interaction: the contact center, sales, and marketing. Within the contact center, entrepreneurs can implement AI assistants to handle incoming inquiries, engage with customers across multiple languages, accept file submissions, and comprehend voice messages,” commented Temvox’s CEO, Oleg Mali.

In the sales department, business owners can leverage voice and chatbots to sell credit products via chat and voice. The AI assistants can also help customers renew their subscriptions, place an order, and issue real-time payment forms. 

For the marketing department, business owners can utilize the AI assistant to send messages via SMS, email, and Push. They can also provide voice calls, communicate in instant messengers, and efficiently conduct research & surveys. 


As more businesses embrace the idea of AI solutions to improve their B2C communication, you wouldn’t want to be left behind. You can explore the benefits of TEMVOX’s cutting-edge AI solution to enhance your customer interaction in your business. 


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