How Technology Revolutionized Transportation And Relieved Traffic Problems

Transportation Technology

The advancements in modern technology brought forth various benefits and conveniences when it comes to how humans go on with their daily lives. The benefits that you reap from technological innovations also include those that are related to transportation and the traffic system. This article focuses on how technology revolutionizes transportation and relieves traffic problems.

Traffic Cameras

One of the best technological innovations that had a significant impact on the transportation system is the use of traffic cameras particularly for automatic number plate recognition. These ANPR cameras can help make traffic flow easier and safer because of their real-time benefits. With these kinds of cameras installed, number plates can be recognized and verified against the traffic database almost instantaneously. Apart from a seamless traffic flow as well as an efficient parking monitoring solution, this also paves the way for an immediate response to a road accident, as well as any criminal activity or untoward behavior.

Bike Sharing Apps

Another innovative solution that revolutionized the transportation industry brought about by the advancements in modern technology is the bike-sharing apps. Through these apps, riders only need to pay a meager amount to rent a bike and ride it from one location to another. Because this is quite convenient, many people are now leveraging these apps rather than taking their vehicles to work every day. As a result, traffic congestion, particularly during the busiest hours of the day, is significantly reduced.

Satellite-based Traffic Control Systems

Most traffic control systems in operation today are ground-based, which means that the systems are no longer a hundred percent efficient. With the emergence of satellite-based traffic control systems, drivers will be empowered to make more informed decisions on the route that they can take to shorten their travel time and avoid traffic-congested areas. Drivers can even be notified of closed roads, saving them the time of having to find another route to take when they are already stuck in traffic. This is made possible with the help of real-time data that they garner from the traffic controllers fed into their smartphones through an app.

Ground Level Pedestrian Lights

Several accidents involving foot traffic have been recorded annually and one of the contributors to this problem is the lack of appropriate paths where pedestrians are allowed to cross. Apart from those that can be seen along with the traffic lights, transportation professionals are now trying to integrate ground-level pedestrian lights that turn the pavement green when they can already cross or red when they need to wait for the vehicles to stop. With lighted pavements, people will be alerted of the best time to cross a street even if they are often looking down.


Technological innovations have truly revolutionized the transportation industry, bringing forth significant changes and improvements in terms of addressing various traffic problems. Apart from traffic cameras and bike-sharing apps, satellite-based air traffic control systems and ground-level pedestrian lights will also surely make a difference. Rest assured that there are still various innovations bound to emerge to address varying traffic concerns in the transportation sector.

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