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How Technology is Changing the Way Investors Build a Portfolio

Technology for investors has been busy introducing new opportunities to significantly improve their efficiency and maximize their returns. From investing on the go with mobile phone trading apps to taking a virtual tour of a property acquisition, here are just a few of the tools we think you should consider adding to your investment arsenal.

Virtual Inspection Tools

It may have taken a pandemic to teach us the value of a virtual tour, but the technology is here to stay, come what may. With buyers in lockdown, and interstate travellers unable to cross borders, realtors quickly pivoted to offering virtual tours of properties to keep the sales flowing.

Developers have long relied on virtual tours to show people around a property they are selling off the plan, but it is finding new uses for interstate investors unable to travel and physically visit a location. The quality of the images and virtual tours is so impressive that investors often have the confidence to buy a property sight-unseen.

Research Tools

Any new property acquisition requires in-depth research and analysis to ensure the investment furthers the investor’s goals and aligns with their strategies. Most property investors are eager to find out how well a market is performing and are increasingly willing to adopt a range of technologies to improve their efficiency in analytics.

The sheer volume of data available to investors is growing rapidly. Proptech tools (technology used to improve efficiencies in property investment) have an increasingly important place in the investor’s toolkit. They are of great assistance for pulling together and analyzing data accessible from various sources.

The modern investor can take advantage of near-instant data updates, mapping tools, automated valuations, and climate change data to decide where to invest.

Mortgage Marketplaces

The days of borrowers having to visit branch after bank branch will be but a distant memory as more borrowers discover the advantages of mortgage marketplaces such as ROSHI or Tomo. Borrowers using the platform can connect with lenders and access bespoke mortgage options simply by selecting them via their personal dashboard.

Such platform’s goal is to create an investment environment that is as seamless as possible, completely digital, and personalized according to the user’s borrowing data.

Machine learning has also become a core feature of such platforms and gives them the capacity to reject or approve applications on autopilot. They can also pre-approve loans based on a borrower’s financials.

Property Stock Tools

Investors who prefer to diversify into other investment opportunities like shares will appreciate the flexibility of mobile app investing. These advanced apps are developed to make buying and selling shares as convenient and seamless as possible. The apps give investors access to more than 35,000 investment vehicles, including property-style stocks, property-based EFTs, and real estate investment funds.

Such applications don’t just limit you to the ASX either because you have global access to 16 markets worldwide. A search option allows investors to narrow searches to specific industry sectors, eliminating the need to manually skip from market to market.

Share market assets are attractive to many investors due to their liquidity, and accessing the markets through a mobile app allows for convenient trading wherever you are.

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