How Technology Can Help You Build A Property Portfolio

Technology and innovations are changing how the real estate market operates, affecting property portfolio management and operations. And if you’re looking to invest, you’ll want to use technology to your advantage wherever possible. Here is how technology could help you buy smartly and move up the property ladder.

Creating a property portfolio

If you’re considering investing in property in 2023, you’re likely familiar with how the real estate market is at the moment. However, as property prices globally begin to cool somewhat, investment opportunities may crop up unexpectedly, and you’ll want to be ready to pull the trigger when they do. 

1. Data analysis helps crunch the numbers

Artificial intelligence and data analyses used to be done by people. Now, AI and data processing software can analyze information and spit out projections and predictions at an insurmountably superior rate than humans. 

Various online marketplaces now use computer algorithms to optimize search results based on real data collected and stored online; you can look through thousands of potential listings based on property values, debt, location, and more. With this information rapidly available, it’s worth setting a budget and working out how much money you have to put towards your next purchase.

2. Technologizing the buying process

While many still prefer the traditional walkthrough with a real estate agent, many people bought homes site unseen and did a virtual walkthrough thanks to 3D rendering software, combined with a video tour on the real estate agent’s website to the digital signing of deeds and other documents. Technology has allowed people to view and buy property online without entering the door.

3. Property management from afar

Twenty years ago, the thought of a landlord not needing to go to a property to check the locks or investigate a potential security breach was almost unthinkable.

But, with the advent of modern communication and surveillance technology, one can be in another country and remotely connect to their camera systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Nest camera, offering them a view of any trouble and providing their tenants with the feeling of greater security.

Similarly, installing smart thermostats automatically changes temperatures within set parameters, saving money in the long run and keeping tenants happy.

3. Targeted ads help real estate marketing

If you’re a seasoned investor, technology and social media marketing have changed how you can target specific people with advertisements. If folks are looking for a specific number of bathrooms or bedrooms, using artificial intelligence to generate targeted advertisements can allow you to increase your reachable market and find a buyer or renter much faster.

4. Priced by machines

Rather than relying on humans to analyze data and develop fair and market-based pricing, real estate owners rely on computational artificial intelligence and mathematical models to analyze the ever-changing pricing based on market value and produce a figure much faster and more accurately. 

This machine-based pricing even considers social factors based on data, like crime numbers, distances to schools, and social settings. That information is then included in real-time to any searching would-be renters or presented as part of a pricing breakdown in an offering to would-be sellers such as yourself.

5. Mobile applications enable better connectivity

If you’re looking to build an investment portfolio, going mobile is one of the best ways. Machine-based search capabilities allow you to see real-time investment opportunities, as many marketplaces and databases are updated daily. Furthermore, these applications often enable near-instantaneous communication with real estate agents who manage the available properties.

Getting into real estate can be scary, especially for a first-time investor. However, with the forward movement of the real estate market being propelled by technology and its incredible utility in this space, you’d be wise to learn how best to use it to your advantage and build a portfolio to be proud of.

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