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How Steven Spilly E-Store Has Bagged The Market 

It’s only three months since the establishment of the online computer and hardware reseller online website ‘E –Store’ and the online venture is achieving high benchmarks. For the recent month in the first two weeks, the online website has recorded over $250,000 in sales. 

Founded by Steven Spilly and two other investors who invested a whooping sum of money in this online venture, E–Store has been performing very well in the market. 

This online computer retailing store offers a plethora of options to customers for software, hardware, computer, and other sorts of equipment. 

As mentioned above its only been three months since this amazing online computer retailing store has been founded and it is already the top choice of the corporates. Why because it offers a very low price for the products. 

To make the products affordable and pocket–friendly even to an individual it lowers the product cost in such a way that any dealer or manufacturer can match that, as it doesn’t sell anything below the cost. 

Steven Spilly before founding this superb online store worked as an advertising sales executive and is now using his years of experience and gained skills for the betterment of the customers by offering them instant and budget–friendly hardware and software products. 

However from the very beginning, nothing was as smooth as it is now, and even the online website of E–Store has got revamped after noticing that it is not getting the desired responses as they were getting viewers but only a few of them were placing orders. 

Now it has come up with several new, innovative, and attractive themes in a smarter way so that it can be compatible with both old and new PCs. 

Talking about its working procedure, it first lets the customers choose whatever they are looking for and then provide them access to the linked databases of the vendors so that customers get to know about the stock availability of the products they want directly from waE–Storerehouses. 

This is not only useful for individuals but also for resellers and corporates that need hardware and software products in bulk and one go. Although this company doesn’t store any products it sells it has access to all the products and can get them delivered in just one night.

The prime concern of the customers is secure payment and ensuring that it uses Telstra’s Surelink and VeriSign of Hewlett-Packard.  

For the smooth functioning and navigation of the website, it is hosted by Global Frontier and two servers of IBM Netfinity Web servers. To provide authentication the website is built the Microsoft’s SiteServer Commerce edition and SQL Server 7. 

And to ensure that customers will only get the best products the company has tied up only with some selected vendors that are the best in the field. 

Until now the online venture is doing great with an offered range of products but in the future, it is thinking of expanding to mobile phones and other consumer electronic devices. 

However, the founder of the company Mr. Steven Spilly is still thinking about all these aspects and doesn’t want to make a rash decision. Also, he has got several offers from investors but he is intended to be a free entrepreneur only. 

In the words of the founder, the idea behind the company was inspired by an American company but the E–Store is not just a mere copy of another company in the way that it aspires to grow at a faster pace than its other competitors. 

E–Store is a first-of-its-kind online computer, hardware, and software-selling website that is breaking all records of sales and appreciation because of its fantastic services. 


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