How should you maintain the lacquered finished floor?

This guide will show you how to clean and preserve lacquered finished floors in both commercial and residential settings. Lacquered finished floors are painted and ready to use when installed. On Gulvkanonen, the applied varnish is a very strong polyurethane product covered several times during manufacture.

Keeping Lacquered finished floors clean preserves their natural beauty and ensures a floor that lasts for generations. Lacquered finished floors’ service life is mostly determined by how often and how thoroughly it is cleaned.

In areas with heavy traffic that can experience high spillage levels and require very frequent cleaning, Lacquered extra commercial varnish can be applied to the floor after installing Lacquered finished floors by

Regular cleaning

The floor should be vacuumed regularly and, if necessary, cleaned with a mop or a well-wrung cloth. For large Lacquered finished floors, a washer-dryer can be used. Lacquered finished floors Cleaner solution can be added to the washer or dryer to help clean the surface. 

  • Do not clean newly painted floors for at least 72 hours after repainting.
  • Use the best quality of mop or a piece of soft cloth to remove the excess water.
  • Spilt water must be cleaned immediately to prevent flooding.

Lightweight surface protection and restoration

If you need to rejuvenate your floor, Lacquered finished floors Refresher helps hide small scratches and stains. Moisturizers are quick-drying maintenance products for Lacquered finished floors, either wood floors treated with water-based varnishes or pre-varnished.

An easy way to revive dull surfaces and protect floors 

The solution to be used:

Mix Lacquered finished floors Neutralizer with warm water to wash the floor. Then let the floor dry.

  • Soak a flat microfiber mop in warm water and wring it out vigorously.
  • Attach the mop to the bottom of the mop and spray a thin S-shaped refresh line directly on the floor.
  • Use a squeegee to disperse the activator and work perpendicular to the floorboard.
  • It is applied in uniform layers and works in small sections with an area of ​​3-4 m².
  • Make sure the overlap between the separate parts is moist.
  • Over guarantee a uniform appearance and gloss level; apply the refresher to the entire floor surface.
  • Don’t walk on Lacquered finished floors; allow 1-2 hours for the floor to dry.
  • Wait 3 hours before applying a new solution.
  • Wait for 24 hours, place the furniture and lay the floor covering.

Before treating the entire floor, it is advisable to apply the test application in a discreet place. After drying, scratch the surface with the edge of the coin to check the appearance and adhesion of the floor.

If the Lacquered finished floors are worn down:

If part of the Lacquered finished floors are worn, the activator could not be used. The floor must be polished and repainted in this scenario.

Freshener can be lacquered over: Lacquered finished water-based floor varnish is compatible with Freshener. This means that the renovated surface can eventually be sanded a little and then coated with varnish to protect the floor.

Long-term maintenance

If the lacquered surface gets dull and worn at regular intervals, the floor can be cleaned and gently sanded before coating with one of the water-based varnishes.

The length of time between maintenance courts is determined by the amount of foot movement on the floor. Therefore, floors in the centre such as retail stores and restaurants should be reopened rather than residential floors.

It is advisable to check and seal the floor regularly before the varnish wears off the wood.

Maintenance procedure

  • Clean the floor with Lacquered finished floors Neutralizer and sanded it completely with sandpaper.
  • Cleaning the floor thoroughly is necessary to ensure that the new layer of paint adheres correctly to the varnish.
  • Follow the product’s instructions and apply a new varnish.
  • Protect the ground during use

Barrier mat

A high-quality barrier mat is an excellent way to keep dirt, water, and sand off the floor. To meet the type of building and the number of users, the carpet must be of sufficient size and type.

Stain remover

  • Remove spills and dirt as soon as possible. 
  • Remove it with Lacquered finished floor Cleanser.
  • Ink, lipstick; Remove it with Lacquered finished floors Cleaner or denatured alcohol.
  • The blood; clean with cold water

Avoid slipping and tripping.

Properly maintained and installed, Junker’s floors are not slippery, but spills can make the floor slippery and increase the risk of an accident. Always clean up spills immediately.


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