How Shivom is creating the largest genomic data-hub on the planet.

Shivom is a blockchain-based global ‘Unique ID’ genomic database platform that is looking to power the next generation of genomics through the implementation of blockchain technology. This, according to the company, will personalize healthcare, transform lives, and enhance personal privacy nonetheless.

The belief is that by using a precision medicine ecosystem, the company will be able to offer an open web marketplace that will allow companies and individuals to add genomics information and gain proper control over them. Also, associated apps and services will also be added, all in an effort to drive the development of personalized medicine.

Earlier this month, Shivom announced that they will be partnering with Genetic Technologies Limited, a leading molecular diagnostics company, in order to fast-track the prediction of cancer cells for millions of people all over the world.

GTG is at the forefront of the development of preventive medicine, but the company has faced a major Achilles heel in the form of collecting data for the development of tests for BREVAGenplus® (their lead product; essentially, a risk assessment test that aims to discover non-hereditary breast cancer). It is expected that this partnership will help reduce the time taken to collect data, thereby enhancing the development of the cancer-detecting test.

The BREVAGenPlus, developed by GTG, will make it even easier to assess the risk and susceptibility that women face of non-hereditary breast cancer (developed in 1 in 11 women in their lifetime). It is believed that the process of new and innovative tests will be enhanced by the amount of unique and diverse genomic data from various parts of the world that will be gotten from the Shivom platform

“Shivom enables genomic profiles from millions of people. By bringing these genomic profiles together with the market-leading tests that GTG is conducting, we will be able to develop a mass that speeds up the prevention of transformative diseases and accelerate personal healthcare”

  • Dr. Axel Schumacher, CEO and Co-founder, Shivom

Over the years, Shivom has been able to create a genomic ecosystem that aims to be the foremost and most secure healthcare data hub on the face of the Earth. It does this by essentially outing the ownership and control of genome data into the hands of the individuals who provide these data. With the help of its Global Genome ID, they aim to help revolutionize the field of preventive healthcare as well as the discovery of cures for various types of genetic diseases.

“We believe that blockchain technology will provide us with access to a wider range of markets all over the world and as such, we will find a much more efficient way to attract more practitioners, participants, and users. Apart from that, we will be using the Shivom platform to its full potential and as such, we will be able to explore the benefits that come from collaborative research with other personalized healthcare organizations.”

  • Dr. Paul Kasian, Chairman and Interim CEO, Genetic Technologies Limited  

The collaboration between businesses has always been one that reaps a myriad of benefits. This latest one provides hope for the better detection and treatment of diseases, and it ushers in a new world of endless healthcare possibilities for all.

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