How Secure Cloud Services Can Help Your Business Grow

Cloud computing is growing rapidly around the world, from Silicon Valley to Bangalore. More than 60% of businesses are in love with the cloud. And we’re not just talking about large corporations.

Small businesses are migrating to the cloud in a bid to lower costs, enhance security and streamline operations.  If you’re still on the fence about adopting cloud services, here’s how cloud computing can grow your business.

Protecting You from Hackers and Malware

The best cloud computing companies use stringent measures to protect your documents from malware and hackers. They encrypt your data using standard SSL techniques. But they don’t just stop there.

Cloud storage companies empower you with tools to keep your account safe: passwords and Two-Factor Authentication. Additionally, they use anti-DDoS attacks, firewalls, and zero-knowledge protection.

In other words, cloud services use enterprise-level systems to keep your company’s data safe. Also, these companies comply with data privacy laws. Some of them don’t even collect your logs, minimizing the chances of a data breach significantly. 


One of the best benefits of cloud computing is that it supports scalability. As a small business, you don’t need to make huge investments in cloud storage. You can start small and increase your package as your business grows.

There are no limitations as to the amount of cloud storage you can get. If you’re lucky enough to grow into a multi-national conglomerate, you can still rely on the cloud for your computing needs.

By comparison, an in-house data storage room is heavily limited when it comes to growth. If you have a room capable of storing 100GB of data, you will have problems once your storage needs exceed this limit.

Cost Savings

About 20% of businesses not yet using the cloud say cost is a major concern. Luckily, most cloud storage services have already solved this problem with their personalized plans.

You don’t need to make a huge initial investment when getting into cloud storage. Instead, subscribe to a plan that will best suit your business. The best providers have on-demand plans, meaning you pay exactly for the services you need.

On the other hand, cloud computing helps you save money now that you don’t need a data room or staff to operate it. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about upgrading your server space—the cloud handles all your scalability needs.

Supporting Work Mobility

Remote work is fast becoming a norm. Companies that love this new normal rely on cloud computing to make it possible for their employees to work from any region. 

When you think about it, remote working can improve productivity and revenues for your business. Salespeople can work from the field. Employees who live far can work at home while employees needed at work can remote to the office.

Cloud computing streamlines everything by allowing workers to access their accounts, transfer documents safely and communicate with colleagues hassle-free.

With cloud storage in place, you can run your office remotely without ever feeling like you’re losing your team. You can conduct meetings through video calls and screen sharing. However, you can always hold an office meeting if it’s really necessary.

Outperform Your Competitors

Cloud computing gives you a competitive edge by helping you cut down on costs, improve productivity and access the latest tech features. What’s more, you get access to big data and tools you may never have afforded as a small business.

Analyzing big data helps you learn more about your customers and their reception of your products. In turn, you can re-strategize, change your pricing or personalize your services to satisfy different customers.

The cost-cutting benefits of cloud services mean you can lower your prices and still make more money than your competitors. That’s because you have lower rent costs, fewer employees, and a smaller budget for utilities.

Quick Data Backups and Restoration

Not only does cloud storage protect you from hackers, but it also provides a backup in case of the worst-case scenario. All you need is to decide what data to back up and how often to do it.

Data backed up on the cloud can’t be lost. That’s because most providers store your data on multiple servers. Additionally, you can always keep certain sensitive documents on your office servers. 

That way, you don’t have your sensitive data leaked in case of a hack on your cloud storage provider. 

Improved Teamwork

Cloud storage solutions make teamwork possible in the modern office. It doesn’t matter where your employees are located. They could be at home, in the field, or elsewhere. 

Services like Slack help you create project groups for different departments. Then you can use Trello to assign tasks and Zoom to conduct video conferences. There are many more business-focused cloud services out there. 

You just need to figure out what products your business needs to grow. Of course, look for safe apps that can enhance teamwork and improve productivity in your office. 


In this age of AI and cloud computing, you can automate a lot of tedious tasks in your office. For example, you can automate project updates so that employees know what tasks lie ahead of time.

You can also automate client outreach so that the marketing department focuses more on closing sales. If you have a blog, there’s a lot more you can automate. For example, you can automate the process of finding content, and creating and uploading posts on your blog and social media. 

Stay Prepared for Business Interruptions

The problem with storing your company’s data in an in-house facility is that you could lose all your data in case of a fire or flood. What’s more, your employees can’t work and you may end up losing some customers.

Cloud storage protects you from natural disasters and pandemics. It helps you access your data at any time even if your employees can’t leave their homes. Speaking of which, your team continues to work during disasters now that they can access accounts and upload projects on the cloud remotely.

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