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How Sapien Network Utilizes Daostack

As current events have demonstrated, there is a massive flaw in the way user content and data are being managed, with particular emphasis on social media. In exchange for free usage, users have unknowingly given up control over who has access to their data—both public and private, and who profits off of it.

As years went on, social media giants and applications inconspicuously pushed their boundaries farther, bypassing the limitations dictated by ethics, reaching deeper and deeper into users’ private data. They had hoped nobody would notice, or question how a free platform can raise its market valuation to tens of billions of dollars without having to charge a single dime.

This isn’t to say users played no role in the desecration of privacy through the years—leniency, after all, is corruption’s best friend. But this insatiable system was meant to burst at some point, and that point is here and now: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg landed in the middle of a face-off with the Senate for a data breach scandal. And the full extent of the damages is yet to unfold.

This is exactly what the Sapien Network was built to correct: to give users full control over their data and content, and give them back the power to decide over monetizing what they produce. And with DAOstack backing its governance and incentive engine, the Sapien Network becomes an even more powerful, efficient autonomous system.

Sapien Network: doing social network the right way

The lapses of data and content management have been known to many for quite some time. Several have proposed and developed projects to help users reclaim their right over their data and any revenue that may come of it. But no traditional Internet-based platform can stand up to the engine capacity of blockchain technology.

Sapien Network is a decentralized social news platform employing a Proof-of-Value protocol, coupled with a Global Reputation System to eliminate trolls and fake news—a problem that has plagued traditional social media. With no central intermediaries between advertisers, content creators, and curators, Sapien Network is social media done right. Credit is given where it’s due, along with the profits they deserve. The Sapien Network runs on SPN tokens which function as the currency to be used for payments between content providers and their audience, breathing life into the economy.

Sapien Network honours users’ ownership of the data and content they produce, and recognizes that users are the true value creators of a social network. Therefore, the platform rewards users directly and allows them to customize how they want their content to be monetized, whether through micropayments or subscriptions.

DAOstack is the perfect ally for making all of these happen by providing the decentralized governance infrastructure—the virtual, automated back office, if you will.

DAOstack: Sapien Network’s engine of choice

Sapien Network is currently building a powerful alliance of services by partnering with equally impressive organizations like Rocket.Chat, UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab, ComplyAdvantage, and now DAOstack—their framework of choice for smooth operations. The benefits DAOstack delivers match Sapien Network’s needs, particularly in rewards distribution, reputation scoring, collective data curation, and governance streamlining.

DAOstack is the perfect addition to Sapien’s growing network of partners. By using DAOstack’s voting system, users within the Sapien Network can easily curate content and enforce a certain level of control over what they see in their feeds. Users’ reputation are also built up the more they contribute to the community. And the more they build up their reputation, the more influence and weight their votes hold. Incentivizing valuable content and the curators that back them helps ensure that only quality content thrive within the community.

Sapien Network intends to evolve with the help of the community, a movement that demands a well-structured proposal system and a corresponding solid consensus mechanism—standards which DAOstack meets.

Weeding out poor content and rewarding valuable ones through the Proof-of-Value protocol will run like clockwork, making Sapien Network a democratized, decentralized network that powers fully autonomous, self-governing, reputation-based communities.

Together, Sapien Network and DAOstack are propelling a fair social media that ultimately brings power over content back to their rightful owners:  the millions of users who make them.

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