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How Sandeep Singh is Revolutionizing Logistics with AI

The logistics industry, given its intricate web of operations, stands to gain enormously from the integration of AI, including machine learning and deep learning. These technologies offer the capacity to analyze vast datasets, uncover patterns, and predict future trends, ensuring the optimization of routes, efficient inventory management, and timely deliveries. 

As the demand for real-time tracking and same-day deliveries grows, AI’s predictive analytics can anticipate disruptions, automate warehouse processes, and personalize customer experiences. Embedding machine learning and deep learning into its core lets logistics professionals enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the escalating expectations of today’s digital-savvy consumers. is a cutting-edge technology firm revolutionizing the logistics industry by leveraging advanced geospatial data and machine learning. Their suite of tools, including Beans Maps+ and Beans Optimize, provides hyper-accurate location data and dynamic route-planning capabilities. details intricate aspects such as building access points, parking locations, and the number of floors in a structure to ensure optimized delivery routes, especially in complex terrains like apartment complexes and university campuses. This focus on last-mile delivery efficiency enables logistics companies to significantly reduce delivery times, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

One of the most brilliant minds behind the innovation at is Sandeep Singh. He is a respected speaker and thought leader in the world of AI, and currently serves as the Head of Applied AI/Computer Vision at With a robust background spanning 18 years in the tech industry, Singh’s expertise in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision has been instrumental in positioning at the forefront of the logistics technology space. 

As the chief architect behind the company’s AI-driven innovations, Singh’sleadership and vision have been vital in harnessing advanced geospatial data to optimize delivery routes, particularly in intricate terrains, setting new industry standards and driving’s mission to revolutionize last-mile delivery.

“ isn’t just implementing AI into logistics; we’re pioneering a transformation,” says Singh. “As we harness the intricacies of machine learning and deep learning, we’re offering unprecedented clarity and efficiency in last-mile delivery, turning challenges into opportunities and reshaping the future of how goods reach their destinations.”

There are several key ways that Singh is leading in this revolution.

API & Data: With’s advanced geocoding system, drivers are guided directly to their destination’s front door. Leveraging extensive doorstep geocodes and semantic waypoints, the platform facilitates a reduction in delivery windows by up to 50%. Drivers can easily locate essential details such as unit numbers, parking spots, entrances, elevators, and more, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.

Routing Tools: introduces the first-ever Dispatch and Routing Platform enriched with enhanced location data. Known as ‘Beans Route’, it integrates with industry leaders and offers a wide range of features, from DOT compliant time management to comprehensive driver safety training.

Visualizations:’s visualization tools are designed to simplify navigation in complex properties. They guide visitors, help codify delivery policies, integrate data with access control systems, and spotlight significant points of interest across properties.

In recognition of their industry-transforming services, has garnered notable accolades including the ESRI Award in 2022, being named a Rockstar of Supply Chain by Food Logistics in 2022, and being cited as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2021. Trusted by leading figures in the industry, is making waves in reshaping the logistics landscape.

“At, we believe in the transformative power of AI,” says Singh. “As we integrate advanced artificial intelligence techniques into logistics, our goal is to go beyond just improving delivery routes. We seek a total paradigm shift. Every package delivered and every route optimized by our platform showcases how AI can revolutionize the logistics industry, making it more efficient, sustainable, and customer-centric.”

A stalwart in the field of AI, Singh’s mastery extends into the nuanced application of deep learning for shape matching in buildings. Drawing upon his vast experience at, Singh has spearheaded efforts to design neural networks that can discern and match architectural patterns across diverse building structures. His models excel in capturing the subtlest design intricacies, enabling urban planners, architects, and developers to analyze and compare building forms with unprecedented accuracy. Singh’s work in this domain underscores his commitment to harnessing the power of AI in addressing complex architectural and urban challenges, further solidifying his reputation as a trailblazer in deep learning applications.

Last year, the company broke major ground by strengthening its partnership with the global GIS software leader, Esri, to integrate 3D digital twins, indoor navigation, and automated parking assignments into its offerings. With Esri’s technological expertise, provides an enriched database containing over twelve million multi-family addresses and more than fifty million points of interest data points. This combined dataset enables the development of highly accurate geospatial models, capturing details such as precise unit locations, entrances, and other significant points of interest. 

“Advancements like this cater to multiple industries – logistics, real estate, and telecom,” says Singh. “These are the types of breakthroughs that we’re dedicated to creating. This tech offers unparalleled visibility and insights into properties and their surroundings. And we’re always innovating, because as the industry and technology evolves, so do we.”

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