How Samuel Leach Built a Trading Empire from His Student Dorm Room 

By the time Samuel Leach reached his mid-twenties, he had already made £1 million on the stock markets. The self-starter trader grew up in a working-class family but had dreams of making it big. After facing financial insecurity as a child, he decided that he would craft a future for himself with endless stability. Armed with determination, hard work, and grit, the youngster quickly made a name for himself and became one of the UK’s youngest millionaires. Let’s take a look at his fascinating story. 

An Entrepreneurial Education

At the age of 18, Samuel Leach enrolled in a Marketing and Advertising degree at the University of Hertfordshire. While the young entrepreneur certainly received an education as a student, much of his learning did not take place in a lecture theatre. 

As he had achieved the highest grades throughout his college courses, Samuel Leach received a £2,000 bursary for his studies. While many young students may have taken this money and spent it on books or, more likely, alcohol, he was determined to take a different route. He used the money to start trading stock and Forex and soon turned it into a fortune. 

Not long after Samuel Leach had started training, he began to see a colossal return. Based on careful research, each of his moves was calculated to give him the best possible chance. The first decision that made him a significant amount of money was an investment in a relatively small company called Peer TV.

Before investing his money in the business, Samuel Leach got to researching it. He found that the company offered set-top television boxes and had a £500,000 deal to sell them. There was just one small obstacle: the box had to pass safety checks to secure the deal. 

Upon digging deeper into the background of Peer TV, Samuel Leach found that it had never before failed safety checks. That crucial knowledge was enough to make the decision for him. He invested £10,000 in the company, an amount that turned into £100,000 just three days later. This early success propelled him forward to think bigger.

Inspiring Others to Trade 

When Samuel Leach launched the now well-known Samuel & Co. Trading, he was still a student. Between 2012 and 2015, he was the only employee of his business. Shortly after that, though, he took the leap and hired new staff members. The business soon became a fast-growing firm and now has premises in Watford. At the age of just 25 years old, Samuel Leach reached the holy grail of trading. He made more than £1 million. 

As an onlooker, Samuel Leach’s overarching success may appear intangible. However, the young entrepreneur isn’t one to keep his trading secrets to himself. Instead, he actively shares his insights with traders and newcomers all around the world. Since he started the business, Samuel Leach has also set about hiring some of the fastest financial minds. That means that Samuel & Co. Trading is in a prime position to support new traders. 

Regardless of a person’s trading level or skill-set, there’s a program or training path that is ideal. For example, beginners may find the Free Online Trading Programme a helpful way to dip their toes into the trading pool without making a commitment. By the end of the course, you should have an understanding of financial markets and trading.

Needless to say, those who already understand how trading works, maybe looking for more in-depth insights. The Weekly Trade Lessons from Samuel & Co. Trading could be the answer. Within this series, Samuel Leach presents live-streamed talks on some of the most fascinating topics in the markets, in exclusive 90-minute sessions for traders. 

If you go one step up, there’s the official Samuel & Co. Trading Online Trading Course. With resources and expert support, the online course means that people can master the skill of trading at a pace that suits them. 

For traders who already have a solid handle on the markets, Samuel & Co. Trading has plenty of options including the Wealth Programme, the Complete Trader online course, and even the Mindset 1 to 1 program. Along with his team of experts, Samuel Leach works tirelessly to help, support, and nurture other traders entering the sector. 

2020 and the Beyond

At the start of the year, few of us could have predicted the chaos that would ensue. Since the markets are heavily impacted by the pandemic, Samuel Leach weighed in on the subject. The expert trader published two insightful posts on Medium, The Coronavirus and Impact on the Global Economy, and Covid-19: Wave 2 Analysis, each of which looked at how the current state of the world had affected the stock markets. 

Moreover, when the news of the potential vaccine broke in November, Samuel Leach also spoke with BBC Three Counties Radio. As part of the interview, he said that the day was a ‘complete turnaround’ for the stock market. The news of the vaccine had spurred a positive change for many stocks, which he said was a ‘convincing move for the economy’. 

With the pandemic being an ongoing battle, Samuel Leach is keeping abreast of the continuous changes and sharing what they mean for the markets. If you want to find out the latest updates and more, signing up for the StockWatch newsletter is a savvy start. You may also want to sign up for one of the Samuel & Co. Trading programs or courses. 

About Samuel Leach and Samuel & Co. Trading 

Samuel Leach started trading while he was at university and fast grew an empire. Samuel & Co. trading is now a multinational, multi-million-pound trading business. The well-established company offers a variety of programs to help both new and experienced traders. Serving international clients and helping thousands of individuals compete in the world of trading, the business has become well-known. Whether you are already an investor or a junior trader, getting expert guidance can help you excel.

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