How Safe Is Your Personal Information on The Internet?

Almost everyone in the US uses the internet every single day. So, whether you’re on your phone or your computer, it’s natural to get online to talk to friends, family, and strangers.

Unfortunately, making poor choices online can put your entire life in jeopardy. So, it’s wise to take the steps to keep your personal information safe while you are surfing the web.

These are the top questions to ask yourself when considering just how secure your personal information is.

Do You Use a VPN?

Although you may have to use an IP address lookup tool to find your IP when you need it: if you’re not careful with your information, someone might be able to gain your digits a lot easier than this. Using a VPN protects your IP address by disguising it as one in a different area of the country or world. This allows you to rest easier using the internet and ensures that you get more out of streaming platforms like Netflix.

Do You Know Which Items to Protect?

There are some important pieces of information everyone should protect to ensure they’re not getting their identity stolen. These include your full name, your credit card information, your social security number, and answers to questions that could be answers to a security check. Someone who is asking your mother’s maiden name, posing as a long-lost cousin, could be trying to get into your card. Protect any information you wouldn’t want to be plastered on a billboard.

What Do You Do With Unfamiliar Links?

If you see an unfamiliar link in an email or on social media, what do you do with it? Do you click this link to see where it leads? Do you hover your mouse over it to see what it says? Or, do you google the website name to see what people say online? 

Either way: it’s important that you don’t click any links that aren’t trusted. This is especially true if you receive them via email or messages on social media since these are the top ways people will try to gain access to your identity and information.

Do You Download Illegal Documents?

Movies and media have gotten expensive, so many people turn to illegally downloading them so that they can have access whenever they want. Although this might seem fine, it’s a quick way to get viruses and malware on your computer.

Have You Googled Your Name?

Have you taken the time to google your full name lately? For people with more common names, it’s easier to see their information vanish into massive piles of other John Smiths. It can be frighteningly easy for others to find information like your address and phone number just by googling your name and possibly the city you live in. Google your name, check if any private information is available, and then contact these companies to have it taken down. 

Everyone Deserves to Feel Safe Online

Whether you’re trying to get past already having your identity stolen, or you’re trying to be extra careful, so it never happens again, it’s important to consider how safe your information is. Use safe and smart online behavior, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to also check out this reference on the top cybersecurity companies on the internet today. Not only are the top solution and services protecting user data for individuals around the world, they are also doing the same for large and small businesses of all sizes.

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