How Robo Advisor Coin by RoBET will Change the Game of Sports Betting

RoBET is a crypto and sports betting exchange powered by blockchain technology. The betting exchange service incorporates cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence along with blockchain to provide a more efficient, decentralized and sustainable sports betting platform. RAC (Robo Advisor Coin) is the native ecosystem token of RoBET meant to facilitate the transactions of users over the RoBET blockchain.

The Robo Team

RoBET is headed by Edoardo Narduzzi, the CEO and founder. Alessandro Lentini and Gianfranco Allocca both joined the team as co-founders and currently serve in the position of CTO and Sports publisher respectively. The team comprises of 8 other members who have adequate training and proficient experience in the blockchain, business, sports and other Fintech fields related to the services of the RoBET. In partnership with the RoBET are two companies TrustMyPhone, a shareholder on the platform and TotoGuidaScommesse, a sports magazine.

Every member on the platform has an attached LinkedIn profile which helps build confidence in the team among investors and potential investors as it shows that the team members are true enough to the project and are not bothered about revealing their identity. Additionally, the team keeps its followers on social media up to date with every new development and advancement of the project. RoBET operates active pages on Twitter, Bitcoin Talk, Telegram and a couple of other social networks. At the bottom page of the website are three listed physical addresses through which they can be reached by interested parties.

The ICO and Regulatory Compliance

For the ongoing ICO of RAC token which was launched on April 20th to end after 30 days on May 21st, the tokens are priced at 50 RAC to 1 ETH. The minimum and maximum financing are fixed at 3,000 ETH and 30,000 ETH respectively. The live ICO is in full compliance with KYC standards. The team states clearly in a disclaimer published in its Terms and Conditions that investors from the United States and any other country or jurisdiction where the distribution or use of cryptocurrency is contrary to the local laws is prohibited and restricted from participating in the token sale. Potential investors are expected to have adequate knowledge concerning cryptocurrency regulatory laws in their country and apply it when necessary.

You can get the RAC token from the website:

Amazing Website 

The RoBET website is essentially a frequently updated and concise version of the whitepaper. The website utilizes a simple and organized layout with a dashboard to explore. A quick survey of the website can provide a visitor a full rundown of what the team is about. The menu bar categorises the site into sections for an improved browsing and betting experience. The top of the homepage, just beneath the YouTube video ad created to promote the platform is a countdown timer to the end of the ICO to keep investors and potential investors on track. In addition, the website also features a roadmap detailing the milestones and a timeline of events for the platform with an overview of the technical and development team.

The whitepaper of the RoBET platform is 56 pages of an extensive and all-encompassing report on the betting exchange. The publication provides detailed information on the goals of the team, the problems they intend to solve, the solutions they offer to tackle the problems and how they intend to go about it. The review is underlined with resources like the financial model, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and competitor analysis supported with graphical illustrations. Basically, the whitepaper is comprehensive enough to be likened to the business plan of a startup.

How disputable are the company’s claims?

RoBET prides itself on being the first ever betting exchange natively based on the Ethereum blockchain. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies like smart contracts and Artificial intelligence engine in crypto and sports betting to support the needs of players on the platform, RoBET is, without doubt, an innovative and revolutionary concept in the world of sports betting. The system also utilizes predictive tools enabled by a database of odds and bets procured from already established international bookmakers to give the players the very best of the betting experience.

How clear is the roadmap?

The product development timeline of RoBET is divided into two phases; the pre-ICO roadmap and the post-ICO roadmap. The pre-ICO layout runs through a period of four years, from 2013 to 2017, starting from the conceptualization and successful trial of the project in the business to business world to end with the first stage of the ICO in late 2017. The first developmental phase post-ICO involves the expansion of the existing sport betting services, the first milestone scheduled for sometime in the middle of 2018. The second milestone scheduled for late 2018 will oversee integration and expansion activities of the betting exchange. The third and final milestone set for late 2019 is set to launch the skill game services of the platform.

A test run of the preliminary version of the RoBET software has already been performed on the platform and as always, the reliability and accuracy of the software remain the top priority of the company. With every new milestone, more data sources, strategies, simulations and other features will be added to enhance the performance of the system to build a sustainable and proficient crypto and sports betting exchange.

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