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How Ridge’s Managed Services Enabled a Bare Metal Cloud Provider to Extend Offering and Customer Base

With demand for cloud-native deployments steadily increasing, an American bare metal cloud provider (name withheld) looked to expand its offering to existing customers — and to gain new customers — by offering the cloud services that power modern applications. The company served customers in 20 locations across the U.S. in addition to ten additional locations around the globe.


Bare-metal cloud providers enable customers to rent dedicated hardware from a remote service. Bare-metal is an attractive host for application owners because it provides high performance cloud computing at a lower cost than the virtualized clouds. Because they operate in a single-tenant environment, bare metal servers also are better equipped to handle security and compliance concerns. In some cases, bare metal clouds are available in locations where large clouds don’t offer facilities and can therefore provide relatively low latencies.

Many bare metal cloud providers, including this U.S. provider, have realized that the dramatic increase in demand for cloud-native deployments required them to include modern cloud-native web services in order to maintain existing business and to grow. Their competition for this market — the large public clouds — hosted much of the demand by virtue of providing web services such as containers and Kubernetes.

They therefore searched for a flexible cloud platform that would enable them to offer their customers a modern cloud experience. By adding cloud-native services to their existing cost and performance advantage, they desired to become a preferred alternative to the virtualized hyperscalers.  It was also important for them to find a solution they could whitelist and bundle into their current offering.


They discovered Ridge: Ridge solved their challenge with managed web services that combine ease of use of the public cloud with the high performance of bare metal. Without requiring any installation, Ridge leverages their existing servers and runs application workloads on any bare-metal machine. With its modern cloud-native building blocks, Ridge integrates all infrastructure types — private clouds, public clouds, and on-prem facilities.

The main ingredient in Ridge’s cloud is its fully managed CNCF-certified Kubernetes service. As the de-facto standard for container orchestration, Kubernetes plays an essential role as an enabler of cloud-native application deployments, offering flexibility in moving workloads between environments.


By combining the superior resources of a true bare metal solution with the dynamic scalability of the cloud, Ridge’s platform enabled the bare metal cloud provider to offer its clients cloud-native performance at a fraction of the cost and with the same ease-of-use as the public cloud. The provider is now able to offer its users a full cloud-native experience in each of its locations in the U.S and globally..

“Cloud-native applications are driving business growth, and businesses need the versatility to deploy anywhere they need to best serve their customers,” said Mati Lerner, Ridge Co-CEO. “By overlaying our flexible cloud platform on top of bare metal servers around the world, our partnerships open the door to levels of app performance that were heretofore impossible to meet.”

“Ridge enabled us to significantly increase our offering by combining our inherent cost and performance benefits with the ability to offer and scale cloud-native applications”, said the CTO of the bare metal cloud provider. “It’s really a very simple value proposition: bare metal speed and efficiency together with easy K8s deployment.”

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