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How Property Crimes Cost Homeowners in Ontario

Property Crimes

Theft, breaking and entering, burglary, auto theft, arson, and vandalism all fall into the category of “property crime,” which is one of the most common types of criminal offenses in most places. Some cases of property crime may be targeted, while others are random acts of a crime involving damaged or stolen property.


Even when the items stolen are not overly valuable, such as lawn decorations, or the damage is light, such as a scratched car or a broken tail light, property crime can disrupt the peace in a neighbourhood and cause people to doubt their safety. In 2021 in Ontario, there were 36,928 cases of breaking and entering, 6,400 cases of theft over $5,000, and 6,420 cases of robbery.


Another of the most common types of property crimes in Ontario is burglaries. There are typically a few different ways that burglaries can be classified. The first is attempted forced entry into a house, in which a person tries to break their way into someone’s home using force of any kind. However, they are either unable to gain entry to the house, so they give up, or they are caught and apprehended before they can enter.


Next, there is forced entry, which involves the same concept, except the intruder successfully gains access to someone’s house. The third type of classification for burglaries is an unauthorized entry, in which someone enters someone else’s property without the use of force; however, they are there without the property owner’s permission.

The Cost of Property Crime in Ontario


When property crime takes place in a certain area, it does not just impact the homeowners that were personally victimized; everyone in the neighbourhood is affected. Once one or two houses are broken into, stolen from, or damaged by criminals, everyone living nearby starts to wonder whether they will become the next victim.


When people watch the news, and they hear about property crime occurring in distant places, it may not affect them quite as much because they probably do not imagine that anything of that nature will happen to them.


However, it’s a different story when a crime has been committed just down the street from where you live, and even worse when multiple crimes have taken place in the vicinity. That’s when the threat of crime feels much more real, and concerns about personal safety can truly take a foothold. Yet, even when property crime happens in your neighbourhood, it’s possible to eventually overcome the fear that stems from it.


There are two main forms of enduring such fear. The first is finding ways to feel more secure in your own home, and the second is finding a way to feel comfortable in your neighbourhood again. Unless you can feel safe at home and in your neighbourhood, you will have to get used to being on edge constantly, which is no way to live.

The Impact of Property Crimes on Homeowners in Ontario


Since property crimes differ from case to case, everyone is affected by them in different ways. Of course, in many cases, there are tangible costs that are immediately endured, which relate to either property loss or property damage. When criminals break into houses, the main goal is almost always theft.


Therefore, whether it is money, jewelry, or other valuables like tech devices, chances are good that replacing these things could be costly. It can be just as expensive to have to fix your house after it has been damaged by vandals. However, these tangible costs are just one factor, as there are also a number of indirect costs that can come from these types of incidents.


For instance, the feelings of insecurity that come from property crime may push you to invest a significant amount of money in home security equipment. Also, as crime rates rise and an increase in police presence is necessary, the cost of taxes inevitably goes up. These are just some of the many ways that property crime impacts homeowners in Ontario.

How Ontario Homeowners Can Protect Themselves From Property Crimes


In order to overcome your fears after hearing about property crime in your neighbourhood, it is crucial to find ways to protect yourself, your family, and your house so that you can feel safe again. There are a variety of ways to achieve this goal.


One of the easiest but most effective things you can do is to keep your house well-lit both inside and out. Since well-lit homes tend to demand more attention, they are much less likely to be targeted by burglars. It also helps to keep your valuables out of sight and locked up safely and securely. Sometimes, this could mean renting a storage locker; however, investing in a safe is also a good option.


The most important factor of all, though, is investing in a proper security alarm system. There are a few important functions that a home security system can serve, meaning investing in one can benefit you in various ways. Of course, a home security system will notify you, the authorities, or both when there is someone trying to break into your house, making it possible to catch the criminals involved.


It is also possible that when the alarm goes off, it scares the intruder away, which is a good outcome, too. In addition, when you make it known that you have a security system in place, this can significantly deter criminals from even attempting property crimes at your house. All you have to do is put a sticker on the window. When burglars notice it, they will keep their distance out of fear of being caught.

Why the Right Security System Is Key to Overcoming Fear of Property Crime


Dealing with property crime is not just problematic in a practical sense. It is not simply about the cost of fixing damaged property or the expense of replacing stolen items. The emotional toll that it takes is truly the biggest cost of all, and this toll is one that makes entire neighbourhoods victims of a crime even when just one house may be targeted.


The stress and anxiety that follows such incidents can last for weeks or even months, or at least until proper measures are taken to make you feel safe again. That is why installing an adequate security system is so crucial. With a good quality security system, you can feel comfort in knowing exactly what is going on inside and outside of your house at all times.


Plus, if your neighbours invest in security systems too, it will have a collective effect as well, and will ultimately make your neighbourhood less attractive to burglars and vandals. After all, none of them are looking to get caught, but that is exactly what will happen if they attempt property crimes on houses with beefed-up security.

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