How Promising Is The Future of XR Sports?


After months of inactivity under quarantine, it’s time we add some creativity to our workout regimes – for the sake of our health. The Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) recommends getting physical activity every day of the pandemic to stay healthy, but many have trouble achieving that because of social distancing. Gyms are closed, parks are overcrowded, and our homes don’t provide adequate space for a full workout. However, the more time we spend not moving, the more we get used to our weakened state. 

Social distancing doesn’t have to equate to inactivity. You can workout from home in ways more effective than following along to YouTube videos. Playing sports-oriented simulations on a VR/XR headset can even draw better results. For example, you could use XR to learn tennis with a virtual personal trainer to help you perfect movements. How these programs work is what’s interesting.

Take VR Tennis Trainer for example. Training is embedded in a fun, competitive game so players can learn and perfect their performance with real-time assistance from artificial intelligence. For people wanting a strenuous workout, or the guidance of a personal trainer, this form of VR makes the perfect quarantine tool.

Extended Reality (XR) is the overall term grouping augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. Most XR formulas use motion and sophisticated physics engines to place the user into a virtual world, also monitoring and recording all body and equipment movements to create the most realistic simulation. The highly valued experience of XR is rapidly growing, and is showing a promising future following the pandemic. It seems the pandemic gave people the physical time to gain interest in XR products.

By 2023, the consumer market for extended reality is expected to reach $18 billion USD. The benefits of extended reality are not to be underestimated, even once COVID-19 is defeated. Check out the infographic below for a greater look.

XR Sports

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