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How Pomodoro Technique Helpful in Time management?

In every walk of life, time management with productivity is a challenging task for everyone. We should thank Mr. Francesco Cirillo for his productive time strategy, who invented the Pomodoro time management technique in the late 1980s.

The Pomodoro technique or tomato timer works under some rules like intervals, and short and long breaks for daily tasks.

What is Pomodoro Technique or Tomato Timer?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time supervision method used in kitchens, play halls, meetings room, and other places where we need to break after a few minutes. 

This Pomodoro method is developed for ease and time management for any task. 

Traditionally Pomodoro’s time management technique sets the time intervals for us to do our tasks within time and get rest for a few minutes. 

Each interval has 25 minutes length and a 5-minute short break. This interval is called Pomodoro, from the Italian word for tomato.

After the invention of the tomato shape timer method, students commonly used it for studying at Cirillo university because this technique worked well for the students.

Why is this technique named Pomodoro? 

When Mr. Francesco invented this method, he was looking for a timer in the kitchen for the 25 minutes session. He found a tomato-shaped timer on the kitchen shelf. He started the 25 minutes countdown time using the tomato-shaped timer. After this incident, this technique is called Pomodoro (in English, called tomato).

How does this technique work? 

This tomato technique is simple and useful for all who work in the kitchen, gaming area, studying, and working.

First, you have to list down all your tasks on paper or any to-do list, just like a pomo timer task list. Break down all the complex tasks into smaller or sub-task that can be done under 25 minutes.

Start your first task, and keep working on it until the buzzer starts ringing to indicate your 25 minutes is over, and let’s take a short break of 5 minutes.

After completing 5 minutes break, you start your 2nd Pomodoro again with a 25-minute timer, and after repeating this cycle four four-time, you have to take a long break of 15-30 minutes. In complete technique, there are a total of 4 Pomodoro’s.

You can skip short breaks, but it is recommended to take them during work because it will enhance your productivity.

In this way, you can do your work more effectively. Because doing work in small intervals is helpful and gives you a happy feeling for some task accomplishment for your work.

How do people use this technique to transform their lives? 

In this hustle and busty time, this Pomodoro method or tomato technique gives you more ease in time relaxation because of setting the time and giving priority to completing your task within time and taking a break.

Pomodoro Productivity Rules 

Normally each Pomodoro time interval is about 25 minutes, but you can customize it with different rules. 

You can break down complex tasks and typical projects into smaller or sub-task. Such as, if you have more than 4 Pomodoro, it needs to be partitioned into smaller time intervals. 

If you stick to the rules, then it will be helpful for you to complete your tasks efficiently and make visible progress.  

Small tasks would go together because of the Pomodoro time interval: work for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. They get together the smaller tasks with each other because you must complete them within time. But for smaller tasks, you can also customize your timer on 

This tomato technique is an inseparable unit of time that can’t be broken, and you are not allowed to check emails, chats, or texts. After once a Pomodoro is set and completed, it must ring

What makes Pomodoro effective? 

Short Time interval is the beauty of this technique for its effectiveness because most humans can’t be consistent for longer hours for the same day task.

There are several benefits of tomato timers. Let’s check out which one is missing in your life.

Disappear Fear of Complex Task 

Most people have a phobia of starting a complex task because it will take a couple of hours, sometimes a full day, to finish it, and they are kept their work pending for days and keep doing it.

But the Pomodoro rule for breaking down complex tasks into smaller tasks or sub-task enables you to start your work in small intervals of time and let you finish it. And it gives you a sense of achievement for doing some part of a complex job that is delayed for some time and motivates you to do more next Pomodoro.

Time Tracking 

I love tracking time in this technique, you can audit your time where it is used and wasted for many days, and you can eliminate unhealthy habits. Because this Pomodoro is principal bound, you don’t do anything during 25-minute Pomodoro intervals except your planned task. And give you some time for rest to refresh your mind and keep you back on your work via ring or buzzer sound.

How do we recognize the best time interval completed? 

The best thing about this is that you can listen and observe the buzzer sound after completing every Pomodoro. 

After each interval completion buzzer will be run automatically, and you will recognize the working time and break time. 

Avoid Distraction 

When you start with the timer method, you stick to your work until you finish it. Because you have some goals in mind that you want to finish in a single Pomodoro cycle to measure your progress in this way, you will focus on your work and kept avoid distractions. 

Whenever your plan or list the task on your to-do list, you have thoughts in mind to finish this task first and then move on to the second task with a new tomato timer, but when you keep on shifting tasks before completing the first task, it will ruin your productivity and leads you to take more time.

How to pomodoro with

There are many Pomodoro systems on the internet, but we recommend using pomotimer for best time management and to manage your important study intervals. 

You can use a pomotimer on your mobile browser, which is compatible with multiple devices and browsers.

Now we will tell you how to do Pomodoro on a pomotimer.

The Pomodoro interface is set for you in such an amazing style where you can set a to-do list, time intervals, break, and skip the time auto or according to your selection and select the ringing buzzer as you wish.

Add task 

First, you need to add your Task in Add new task and set your task title, description, Pomodoro intervals, short breaks, and long breaks.

Start Pomodoro timer 

After listing the task, you can start your tomato timer by clicking on the play button.

Short Break

Your short break starts when your first Pomodoro is completed.

Long break 

Upon completing the fourth and last Pomodoro, you can start a long break of 15 to 30 minutes.

Customized Pomodoro Cycle 

You can customize Pomodoro intervals to any number and set your own time intervals of Pomodoro, short and long breaks with your own pace of work.

Get Instant Task Report 

You can track your task progress in the task report.


There is no doubt that the Pomodoro technique is too helpful for any person doing any task. This can increase the productivity of your work and save you time by avoiding distractions during work.

All the use of the tomato timer, Pomodoro theory, Pomodoro principle, and method mentioned in the above article will be helpful for you. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments so we can help you.

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