How Peter Arn, CEO of ROMTech ®, Has Helped Thousands Recovery Faster From Surgery

ROMTech ® is a rehab technology company focused on developing modern solutions for better medical rehabilitation. Advancements are overdue when it comes to major surgeries like total knee replacement, hip replacement, ACL injuries, and arthroscopic repairs. These surgeries can take a very long time to bounce back from, so faster recovery and getting people back to their best health should always be prioritized.

Peter Arn, CEO and co-founder of ROMTech ®, has been taking the company to new heights over the past few years. Headlined by the PortableConnect ®, patients can’t say enough great things about their current telemedicine offering.

What is PortableConnect ®?

The PortableConnect ® is a revolutionary solution for helping people recover and regain function following surgical procedures. It takes time for the body to heal and recover, but the process is faster when using this technology. Getting a chance to go through multiple therapy sessions a day allows people to regain movement and build healthy habits.

Physicians work directly with potential candidates to see if a PortableConnect ® is a good option for their needs. Candidates will get a device delivered to and set up in their homes. Treatment plans can then start immediately, usually lasting one or two months at most.

From a medical standpoint, the key feature of PortableConnect ® is that the device allows doctors to see everything a patient is doing. Telehealth technology will enable doctors to view statistics, communicate face-to-face with patients, and more.

Connecting with a patient using ROMTech ® telemedicine  helps in many ways. Doctors can see more patients daily, which reduces wait time. The statistics PortableConnect ® produces allows doctors to view how patients react to the treatment quickly.

A picture of a person sitting in their wheelchair with their back to the camera.]

Reduces The Number Of Traditional Doctors Visits

Traditional recovery is challenging after a significant surgery. It becomes even more difficult when dealing with travel, scheduling, and motivation. The average person can get frustrated and even give up if they aren’t seeing quick progress.

ROMTech ® eliminates one of the leading causes of frustration for patients during recovery. With only a few necessary in-person doctor visits, the rest of the recovery process can be managed via the user-friendly PortableConnect ®––making people feel more hopeful on their recovery journey.

Feel like there’s just no time to get a session in? Some people put their PortableConnect ® in their bedroom, so it’s the first and last thing they do each night.

Reduces Pain and Discomfort

The faster a person recovers from surgery, the less time spent in pain and discomfort. Getting rid of pain and feeling progress keeps a person moving forward.

Improved Mobility

After orthopedic surgery, a person may have limited mobility during recovery. The sooner a person can move around and regain their normal range of motion, the better their quality of life.

Reduced Risk of Complications

The longer a person is in surgery or the longer it takes to recover, the greater the risk of complications. Faster recovery correlates with a lower risk of complications. Too many people have gone through major surgery, failed to keep up with the rehab, and needed another surgery.

Reduced Hospital Stay

A shorter recovery time often means a shorter hospital stay, which is more convenient and cost-effective. After spending time in the hospital for the surgery, most people do whatever they can to avoid it afterward.

Faster Return to Work and Normal Activities

If a person has a physically-demanding job or an active lifestyle, a speedier recovery can allow them to return to normal activities faster.

Several factors can influence the speed of recovery from orthopedic surgery, including the type of surgery, the patient’s overall health and age, and the patient’s ability to follow post-operative instructions. A surgeon and rehabilitation team can provide more specific guidance on what to expect regarding recovery and how to optimize the recovery process.

What Do The Numbers Say About PortableConnect ®?

Studies on the effectiveness of PortableConnect ® have revealed that, compared to traditional rehabilitation care, 50% of patients can gain back their range of motion within two weeks––12% faster than with other forms of therapy.

Additionally, knee surgery patients who use the PortableConnect ® have reported an average range of motion of 112° after two weeks; this is 13° more than the 99° achieved with standard rehabilitation care.

Finally, pain is dramatically reduced with the PortableConnect ® recovery. Four out of five patients who try the PortableConnect ® report that they have much less pain compared to patients who rehabilitate usingtraditional ways of recovering from surgery. This is excellent news for anyone hoping to cut back on narcotics or bypass them altogether.

Accelerating Surgery Recovery with Ease

The PortableConnect ® has experienced quite a bit of success, and ROMTech ® is delighted with what they currently have out on the market. That said, there are always ways to make technological advances in the medical world, and ROMTech ® is working on accelerating recovery times for patients in a variety of medical fields.

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