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How Paul Carassone Is Redefining His Industry

Paul Carassone is taking the real estate world by storm. Carassone serves as the CEO of The Property Boss and is in charge of the company entirely.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York Carassone always knew he’d find his footing in real estate ever since he was old enough to drive. He knew that this industry would not only fund the lifestyle he manifested for himself but also bring the freedom he craved. Money isn’t the root of The Property Boss’s drive to excel in his industry. His drive to be the best at what he does stems from the pleasure of knowing he has the property that he can see, touch, and know is his.

When asked about his long-term goals, Carassone states that he sees himself at the top of the real estate food chain on social media. He devotes himself to always staying true to his heart and staying original with his approach to both life and work. Carassone’s contributes his success in real estate to his transparent and direct approach. He always brings the truth and tells it exactly how it is for the betterment of his clients’ and followers’ character. 

Outside of his accomplishments in real estate, Carassone also takes pride in the achievement of having 25+ million views across all platforms, 75K followers, and his natural-born ability to turn good deals into great deals. 

Paul Carassone wants aspiring entrepreneurs to develop that fiery feeling in their stomachs and to always work hard toward their goal of achieving their dreams. Keep up with Paul Carassone AKA The Property Boss by following him on Instagram here.

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