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How Outsourcing Live Chat Operators Improves Customer Communication in One Go

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53% of customers prefer to reach companies via live chats. This channel of communication lets customer support teams instantly react to inquiries and establish personalized communication with users around the clock. Live Chat is a powerful tool that can help a business grow and flourish. But this tool should be used wisely. Specialists from SupportYourApp, a company that provides outsourced customer support services, shared their experience on Live Chats and how effective they really are.

Why companies outsource Live Chat Support

One of the biggest perks of Live Chats against traditional phone support is cost reduction. A consultant can only pay attention to one customer on the phone, while communication in Live Chats makes it possible to maintain several conversations at a time. It majorly increases the number of tickets that a single consultant may close during the day.

But still, implementing Live Chat support brings a bunch of challenges for a company. The main issue that businesses face concerning this channel of communication is availability 24/7. Customers want to solve their problems not only during business hours but also in the evenings and on weekends. That’s where outsourcing Live Chat Support services come on stage. While delegating customer support to a professional and dedicated team, business owners can be sure that their users will be properly assisted in the shortest terms.

Perks of Live Chat Outsourcing 

Quick responses

Live Chat communication provides customers with instant responses. There is no need to wait before one of the consultants can answer — professional team members react to the messages at once and will do their best to solve the customer’s issue in several minutes.

Customers’ convenience

It is a proven fact that millennials are not very comfortable talking over the phone and prefer messages whenever possible. Besides that, most people don’t really want to spend their time and explain their concerns to a consultant if they have the option of writing all the details in a message.

Personalized communication

Some companies experiment with support automation options like chatbots (software apps programmed to answer customers’ questions automatically). It is quite an option if you don’t have an opportunity to organize proper customer support. But still, outsourced Live Chats turn out to be much more effective than chatbots because they are personalized and people don’t feel like they are talking to a robot. If your customers feel a personal approach, they are more likely to return again.

Higher service quality

The shortest way to customers’ satisfaction is to know them and their needs well. It can be challenging to achieve that, communicating over the phone or via email. In that case, the difficulties of your customer are known just to a single consultant or team. But Live Chats give easy access to chat history, which can be easily used to discover customers’ pain points. The more information about your customers’ needs you collect and use, the better you can fulfill them.

Final thoughts

If you want to establish a new channel of communication with your customers or just feel that your existing Live Chat support could be improved, you need to choose a reliable outsourcing company. A team of professional customer support consultants has deep experience in dealing with Live Chats and will make sure that all of your customers’ issues will be resolved effectively and quickly.

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