How Opiria and PDATA Token Will Revolutionize Brokerage of Personal Data with Blockchain

A lot of companies around the world are in desperate need to know more about their customers if they are going to have a continued relationship with them. Asides that, they need insights about their consumers to come up with more innovative products and services that will suit their taste, fuel their desire, and in the long run lead to sales. This has over the years led to the violation of consumer’s privacy, but now Opiria is here with a solution.

But, what is Opiria?

With the growing need for consumer’s data came the rise of data brokerage. However, these data brokers run discreetly behind a veil of secrecy, where they steal consumer’s data, package it, and resell as a product to many companies around the world. This has become a big issue!

Opiria is developing an open, and completely secure and transparent marketplace where consumers are in full control of who they share their data with, get appropriate compensation for providing the data, and where data flows directly to companies from consumers without the need for a middleman.

The Opiria mission is to help companies understand their consumers perfectly. But, how are they going to do this?

The PDATA Ecosystem

While Opiria is building a blockchain-based platform that acts as a central marketplace for companies to buy personal data from consumers directly. An in-app utility token known as PDATA token makes sure the personal data meets a standard and develops a currency that appropriately specifies the value of such data.

The Opiria platform and the PDATA token create an ecosystem that gives rise to an innovative and new marketplace operating on the Ethereum blockchain, where how valuable the PDATA is, is highly dependent on the market forces of demand and supply of personal data. What this means is that, as the demand for personal data appreciates, so does the value of the PDATA token, just like the mechanism of other open markets.

The PDATA token will be used to buy consumer’s data from the platform, request for specific personal data from consumers, reward consumers that allow companies access their data, and reward those that provide on-demand personal data to companies.

General Features of the Opiria Platform

The general architecture of the Opiria platform includes tracking consumer behavior using a laptop or a smartphone and measuring data from smart devices and wearables like heart rates and activities.

The growing need for consumer’s data has over time caused the violation of privacy, but now Opiria is transforming the way companies around the world carry out their market research. They are developing an open and central marketplace where companies can buy personal data straight from consumers without having to go through a middleman. This is made possible by using a blockchain-based platform and the PDATA token.

The Opiria platform does not only eliminate the need for a middleman to get access to personal data, but it also protects the privacy of consumers in different parts of the world.

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