How Online Auctions Have Changed the Jewelry Industry

“Auctions” is probably a word that still makes you picture elegant and sophisticated gatherings, where rich people offer over a million dollars for a crown used by a king many centuries ago. I mean, you’re not too far, but in reality, there are many other types of auctions. There are auctions for everything and everyone.

With the appearance of online auctions, people from various backgrounds and cultures have entered this world, which changed the industry for good. Nowadays, you can get yourself the best wedding ring for welders, the most beautiful cabinet for your office, or even the most efficient racket for left-hand people. What I’m trying to say is that if something exists, there’s probably an auction for it at the moment.

What About Jewels?

Now, we can’t deny jewelry is still something a bit over the budget for some people, but as auctions have changed to accommodate a more diverse range, so has the jewelry industry. But what changed? Let’s find out!

The Sellers

In the old days, it was the sellers who indeed decided everything. The pieces chosen influenced the vibe of the auctions, and since only expensive and rare pieces were selected, only rich people could attend those events. With online auctions, everything changes. As an individual creator, you can now put your pieces for auction for the price you feel most comfortable with. It took some exclusivity of the experience, but it brought so much more – not only diversity in terms of pieces but also a more inclusive experience for creators.

The Buyers

If one part changes, the other part follows. With a more diverse and multicultural range of creators, you get the same result in buyers. There are no more rooms full of aristocrats and the smell of perfume, but online platforms with healthy and interested communities, ready to find something that perfectly fits their taste.

The Pieces

It would be impossible for this process stage to remain the same, especially when the other two have suffered so many changes. Nowadays, you can auction everything you want within various online auction platforms. There are auctions for confiscated government items, auctions for arts and crafts lovers, where cheap and small pieces are sold, auctions for cars and houses, and even secret auctions, where the buyer doesn’t know what he’s buying! When related to jewels, the story is the same. Expensive jewels from big brands can be seen on one type of auction, and cheaper, more personal pieces can be seen on another auction.


An auction is no longer an event but a process used in many platforms, where one item is shown to the public with a minimum price on it. Then, the public offers a value until there’s only one offer on the table. Lastly, there’s an aspect you have to consider, which is the safety of the transactions. As many platforms have appeared, scammers have to, so be sure to work with a platform that has a lot of positive reviews and that it guarantees you a pleasant, smooth experience.

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