How Not To Get Sick In The Spring?

Spring days have not yet arrived, and people are eager to get rid of warm jackets, hats, and boots. In the season of various viral infections, it is better not to rush to bare ankles and wear sneakers, because the wind is still cold, and the air temperature can still drop to 0 degrees.

Don’t let the sun fool you, because as soon as you step into the shade, it immediately gets quite cold. Moreover, the sudden change in temperature from warm daytime to cold evening is bad for your skin and prompts the use of dermal fillers to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

First of all, let’s analyze how a cold differs from an infection. Infectious diseases are caused by all kinds of infectious bacteria and viruses. A cold is caused by the inflammation of any organ, and it is not caused by infectious agents.

How to strengthen immunity?

First of all, it is worth recalling your mother’s advice when you were asked to wear a hat as a child. A pattern emerges: you have been walking for a day without warm attributes – you are hypothermic – you have been cheering for almost a month.

Secondly, walk more in the fresh air. A walk is a universal physical activity that is suitable for everyone. It is economical and makes it possible to combine the pleasant with the useful. It is not for nothing that they say: “Movement is life.” A long stay in a closed space, even if it is a cafe, leads to a decrease in immunity. From a walk, you will saturate yourself with impressions, clear your head of unnecessary negative thoughts, and, of course, strengthen your immunity.

Thirdly, proper and balanced nutrition. The main problem is in the diet. If a person eats 1-2 times a day in haste and dried mint, then a problem with the gastrointestinal tract immediately arises. The intestine helps to ensure that nothing unnecessary and dangerous for a person does not enter the body. Correspondingly, we violate nutrition – we violate immunity. Doctors advise eating more vegetables, fruits, and meat. This will support the balance of vitamins in the body. And also combine protein with vegetable fiber. Supermarkets sell vegetables in winter, which people are mostly suspicious of. But this is a myth. There is no difference between summer and winter vegetables, as long as the standards are followed.

It is very easy to get sick with a sudden change in the climate. This applies to winter and spring vacations in hot countries. Adaptation of the human body lasts about a week, that is, about the entire stay at the resort. Arriving back in his city, the body does not have time to adapt back to the cold and falls ill. In such situations, it is advised to fly to hot countries in winter not for a week, but for two weeks. Then the body will have time to adapt and avoid stress.

People with chronic diseases should, first of all, visit their doctor. It will help to avoid exacerbations.

What to do if you are already sick?

Doctors advise warm drinking, bed rest, and not visiting crowded places until recovery. You can be treated without consulting a doctor only if there are no complications within two or three days. If you feel worse, you should consult a doctor to avoid exacerbations in the form of pneumonia, and damage to the kidneys, and the cardiovascular system.


There are no vaccinations against SARS. There is a vaccine against influenza and other viruses. It is much more difficult for a person who has had a flu shot to get it, but they are not immune to SARS, because SARS is just a collective term for several viruses, not just one.

By following the rules of prevention, even if you get sick, you will have more chances to get sick in a milder form, which will not lead to complications. In this way, you will quickly enter the usual rhythm of life.

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