How NFTs Happened: From Crazy CryptoKitties to Bored Apes and Beyond

In 2017, Dapper Labs created CryptoKitties. And they target-marketed the breedable, digital cats to an audience of nerds at an Ethereum hackathon who were in the midst of the biggest bull run they’d ever seen. And they saw that it worked. In the five years since, however, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have come a long way. 

NFTs are no longer just JPEGs or PGPs with loosely related serial numbers that adhere to the Ethereum standard. Today, NFTs can represent physical works of art or other real-world assets. In some cases, NFTs are even serious yield-bearing financial instruments that operate across multiple chains and represent various asset classes. 

Isn’t Ethereum Enough? 

By itself, Ethereum proved that people were looking for (and willing to pay for) “digital assets.” However, the standards that govern NFTs on Ethereum were too strict to accommodate some of the NFTs and NFT Collections that would come next.  

Recently, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks (like Cosmos and AssetMantle) have been pushing the boundaries in the next stage of NFT evolution. 

Discovering Interoperability

As gas fees on popular layer 1 chains soared, NFT enthusiasts looked for alternatives where they could send, display, sell, and trade their NFTs. 

Enter the AssMan

AssetMantle is a Cosmos Ecosystem layer one blockchain optimized for Interchain NFTs with low fees compared to popular chains of around $0.01 per transaction. 

AssetMantle’s native token, MNTL, was recently listed on the established LBank exchange. MNTL will allow holders to access a suite of applications from the highly optimized NFT marketplace, MantlePlace, to the no-code, fully customizable NFT storefronts soon to be available under MantleBuilder. 

The Future

And during the bear market, AssetMantle continues building the InterNFT standard for safely transferring NFTs between chains. Thus, future users may even be able to seamlessly mint cross-chain NFTs that can represent both digital and real-world assets. 

NFTs certainly play a role in the future of cryptocurrency. The question is will you be on the right side of it? 

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