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How Netflix And The Film Industry Bypass Hollywood For More Affordable Countries

The silver screen has the power to entertain audience members all over the globe. Filmmaking is one of the largest industries in the world, expecting to garner a global revenue that exceeds $300 billion by 2025. This is due to the industry’s universal qualities that touch the hearts of many, giving people an escape from reality. The United States is one of the central hubs of filmmaking, with the image of Hollywood becoming synonymous with film.

But the way in which films are being produced and consumed has dramatically changed in the last decade. With streaming services becoming popular, audience members can have a theatrical experience from the comfort of their homes. At the same time, new film industries are choosing to develop their films outside the Hollywood sphere, opting to go to locations outside America for better financial benefits. 

The industry has had to adapt and change, and it will continue to do so to operate successfully in the years to come. With the availability of new streaming services changing the way in which audiences watch films, film producers are constantly on the lookout for affordable countries that cater to budgetary needs. 

Hollywood’s Final Curtain Call

It is important to note that Hollywood is not going anywhere anytime soon. It represents the golden age of filmmaking and still plays an important role in producing hundreds of popular films in America. What is changing, however, is the overreliance on Hollywood, as there are many other factors that are coming into play to create films. Hollywood is now becoming a part of the machine rather than being the machine itself. 

Changes In How Films Are Watched Around The World 

Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, streaming services started to produce movies exclusive to them, with many of them being financed outside of Hollywood. These independent movies, such as The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, are exclusive to streaming services such as Netflix or HBO Max, but their quality is that of a standard Hollywood film released in theaters. 

During the pandemic, some films were released in theaters and on streaming services at the same time due to safety reasons. But now, as restrictions ease and the world is beginning to operate normally again, this type of release pattern has still stayed and has been slightly modified, due to the success. Streaming services like Netflix are dominating the digital space, becoming the new Hollywood.

Changes In How Movies Are Produced

Hollywood has officially been challenged by the likes of streaming services. Films are now being produced outside America, but they still have remnants of Hollywood in them, such as using famous Hollywood actors and directors for example. The Irishman, a Netflix original movie showcases this, as the film was created outside the world of Hollywood, yet it was directed by a Hollywood legend, Martin Scorsese. 

Change In Location 

While filmmaking is commonly associated with Hollywood, countries all over the world are known for creating fantastic pieces of art. Countries outside of America make for optimal filming locations due to affordability, scenery, and cooperative production crews. 

Countries such as the UK, Hungary, Germany, and more are considered some of the best in Europe, whereas the United Arab Emirates is also an optimal location in the Middle East. The filmmaking industry is becoming extremely diverse and open to all, and this is especially clear when looking at the industry in Africa, and how foreigners are coming to African countries to film movies, advancing the local African film industry at the same time.

African Countries Offer Diverse Film Locations

The African film industry has struggled to get the recognition it deserves, but many efforts are being made by countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. Not only do these countries themselves produce original films inspired by African history and culture, but the diverse and varied locations and film crews are being utilized by external filmmakers from America to bypass Hollywood. 

Popular films exclusive to Netflix that were made in African countries like South Africa include My Octopus Teacher, Kings of Jo’burg, and more. While these films may include links to Hollywood with certain actors or certain producers, the location change shifts the focus away from Hollywood. 

Filmmakers who are looking to film on location in Africa can hire expert film production companies that cater to all of their needs and wants. A notable film and stills production company like African Fixer organizes an African-based film crew, the essential equipment needed, travel plans and transportation, and more, in the most remarkably diverse film production locations. African countries are becoming a go-to for many filmmakers who want to make a mark in the industry. 

Final Thoughts 

By consulting professional African film production companies like this, filmmakers from America can skip general Hollywood procedures for a more affordable filmmaking experience thanks to better tax rates and film crews that are ready and experienced to take on all of the work required. The film industry is changing, and it is opening itself up to utilizing the rich sources that countries in Africa can provide. 

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