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How Much to Charge for PPV on OnlyFans? The Ultimate Guide to Pricing and Maximizing Earnings

OnlyFans has exploded in popularity as a platform for creators to monetize exclusive adult content. One of the key features that enables you to generate revenue as a creator on OnlyFans is the ability to sell pay-per-view (PPV) content. This allows you to earn income beyond just subscription fees. However, pricing your PPV content optimally is crucial to maximize your earnings. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about setting your PPV prices.

What is PPV (Pay-Per-View) on OnlyFans?

PPV stands for “pay-per-view” and refers to exclusive content you offer to fans for a one-time fee. For example, you could share a sexy video or photoset and charge fans to unlock and view it. PPVs allow you to earn extra income on top of subscription payments. Even if you offer a free OnlyFans page, you can still monetize PPV content.

Some key benefits of using PPV include:

  • Additional revenue stream – You can earn money from both subscriptions AND PPV content sales. This diversifies how you generate income.
  • Higher earning potential – Top creators make most of their OnlyFans earnings from PPV content, not subscriptions. PPV allows for uncapped earning potential.
  • Segment your content – You can share some teasers on your feed to entice fans while keeping your most exclusive content for PPV only.
  • Upsell fans – It gives you an opportunity to upsell big spenders and loyal fans with exclusive content.
  • Personalize pricing – You can tailor PPV prices for each fan based on their spending habits and preferences.


What Are Pay-Per-View Messages?

On OnlyFans, PPV content is delivered via private message to your fans. You can send PPVs individually or send a mass message to your entire subscriber list. The content is then hidden behind a paywall that fans must pay to unlock.

PPV messages can contain:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio clips
  • Written messages
  • Voice messages

Fans are shown a censored preview of the content, along with your set price. If they pay, the content is automatically unlocked so they can view it fully. This allows you to sell a wide variety of exclusive content directly to your most engaged followers.


Supercreator’s CRM profiles on each fan allow you to personalize your PPV messaging for higher conversion rates.


OnlyFans PPV Price Limits

OnlyFans places some limits on how much you can charge for PPV content:

  • Minimum PPV Price: $3
  • Maximum PPV Price: $50

So, any pay-per-view content must be priced between $3 and $50. However, most successful creators price their PPVs much lower, typically ranging from $5-$20. Very few fans will pay $50 for a single piece of content when there are other creators offering similar material for under $10.


How Can You Send PPV Messages to Specific Fans on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans makes it easy to target PPV content to specific subscribers you want to reach. Here are simple steps for sending an individual PPV message:

  1. Go to your Messages page
  2. Select “New Message”
  3. Search for the fan’s username you want to message
  4. Type your message to them and attach your exclusive media
  5. Click the price tag icon to set your PPV fee
  6. Send the message directly to that subscriber

You can also select multiple recipients to send a PPV to a customized group of fans. This allows you to segment your subscribers and offer different content and prices to each group.

Using Supercreator’s integrated CRM and analytics makes this segmentation even more powerful. You can view each fan’s purchase history and dial in targeted PPV offers likely to convert.


Key Factors for Pricing Your PPV Content

Determining how much to charge for PPV requires carefully considering multiple factors that impact perceived value:

Types of Content

  • Videos tend to earn higher PPV fees than photos because fans perceive more value in video content. However, photosets with at least 10+ high-quality images can command good prices, too.
  • Nude and explicit content earns higher PPV pricing than lingerie and teasing images. More revealing content has more shock value.
  • Fetish and kink content can often be priced higher than standard nudes and solos. Taboo subjects carry more premium appeal.
  • New and fresh content has a higher value than recycling old media, so factor that in.

Fan Preferences

  • Big spenders and loyal fans are often willing to pay more than casual subscribers for VIP access. Tailor PPV pricing higher for your elite fans.
  • Newer subscribers and fans tend to have a lower willingness to pay. Price introductory PPVs lower to get them invested.
  • Superfans who are highly engaged with you can be offered exclusives at premium pricing.

Supercreator’s CRM profiles allow you to track these fan details for strategic PPV pricing.

Level of Customization

  • Generic content sent en masse has a lower value, so reduce mass PPV prices.
  • Personalized content, like using a fan’s name, specific outfits, or scenarios, warrants a premium price. 
  • Highly customized content like personalized video dick ratings command top-tier pricing due to uniqueness.

Production Quality

  • Professionally produced content with HD quality, lighting, editing, etc, allows higher pricing.
  • Well-shot and captioned content is more valuable than impromptu low-effort posts.
  • Exclusive lingerie/toys bought specifically for a shoot add value through production costs.


What is the Optimal Price for PPV Content on OnlyFans?

Given all these factors that impact the value of your PPV content, what price range should you actually charge? Here are typical price points from top OnlyFans creators:


  • Non-nude/teasing – $3 to $5
  • Explicit/nude – $5 to $15
  • 10+ photosets – $10 to $25


  • 30-second to 1-minute clips – $5 to $15
  • 5-10 minute videos – $10 to $25
  • 10-20 minutes – $15 to $50
  • 20+ minutes – $25 to $75+


  • 30-second to 5-minute clips – $5 to $15
  • 10-20 minute recordings- $10 to $25

Texts/Written Content

  • 500+ word stories – $5 to $20
  • Interactive erotic stories – $10 to $30+

These prices should be taken as general guidelines, not fixed rules. You can experiment with higher and lower price points to find the optimal pricing based on your fans’ responses.

Using analytics tools like Supercreator’s insight dashboard allows you to easily track purchase rates at different prices.

Some creators make the mistake of setting all their PPV prices too low and leaving lots of potential revenue on the table. Others overprice their content and get few sales. The key is finding that sweet spot between value and willingness to pay. Start on the lower end, test higher prices gradually, and let your fan data guide you.

Best Practices for Using PPV to Maximize Earnings

Beyond just setting the right prices, there are some additional best practices you can follow to optimize your PPV strategy:

Promote Your PPVs Across Platforms

Don’t just send out a mass PPV post and hope for sales. Strategically promote your upcoming PPV releases via:

  • Teaser posts on OnlyFans feed
  • Social media posts on Twitter, Reddit, etc
  • Email and messaging lists
  • Cross-promotions with collaborators

This builds anticipation and gets fans excited to purchase the full exclusive content.

Offer Previews and Enticing Captions

Don’t just send a generic “Unlock for $10” message. Give fans a preview of what they’ll get access to if they pay. Write tempting captions highlighting the value proposition. Sell them on why they can’t miss out on this exclusive content!

Use Smart Timing and Limiting Scarcity

Promote your hottest PPV content on weekends or special occasions when fans have more free time and disposable income. You can also note it’s only available for 24-48 hours to create urgency around scarcity.

Tailor Content Type and Pricing for Each Fan

Review their purchase history and preferences to curate PPVs that appeal specifically to them. Use higher prices for big spenders willing to pay a premium. Go lower for newer fans to get them hooked. Personalization converts.

Supercreator’s PPV Time Machine and integrated analytics provide the data needed to personalize pricing, and coupled with Supercreator’s Priceguard, which enables you to personalize the price for each subscriber, you have the ultimate revenue generator!

Don’t Overwhelm Fans with Too Many PPVs

Balance mass PPVs with individually targeted messages. Space out your OnlyFans promotions over time rather than blasting everything at once. Follow up with fans who don’t initially purchase to nudge them.

Using these PPV best practices requires paying close attention to fan data and messaging patterns. This is where Supercreator’s integrated analytics and CRM provide invaluable assistance. You get real-time insights on each fan to send perfectly tailored PPVs and offers.


Why Do Fans Buy PPV Content on OnlyFans?

Before you start pricing your PPVs, it helps to understand your fans’ motivations and perspectives. Why do they purchase pay-per-view content from you when they already pay a subscription fee? There are several psychology-based factors at play.


Fans want special VIP access to content just for them. The ability to unlock videos and photos not available on your general feed is highly enticing. This exclusivity effect triggers a fear of missing out if they don’t purchase the PPV.


Diehard fans feel more connected to you when they get exclusive content. It strengthens your relationship and makes them feel valued when you share intimate media just for them.


Even fans who love your existing content still crave fresh, new media. PPVs allow you to serve up different types of content and outfits to retain their interest.


On a primal level, fans simply want to see you nude, acting flirty and seductive. Paying a one-time PPV fee to fulfill their immediate gratification needs just makes logical sense to them.


Your biggest supporters enjoy spoiling you with tips. Paying for PPVs taps into this motivation – they want to help you succeed financially on OnlyFans.

Tapping into these motivational factors will make your PPV content and pricing much more compelling to fans.


Are There Other Platforms for Selling PPV Content?

While OnlyFans is the most popular site for offering PPV content, it’s not the only option out there. Many newer platforms are emerging that allow the selling of pay-per-view videos. For example:

  • Fansly – Operates similarly to OnlyFans with subscription tiers and PPV functionality.
  • JustForFans – Popular with porn stars, also supports PPV content sales.
  • AVNStars – Adult marketplace owned by AVN that enables PPV sales.
  • IsMyGirl – Newer platform with a focus on empowering creators. Offers PPV sales.
  • FriendsOnly – Unique hybrid of TikTok-style vertical videos and OnlyFans PPV content model.
  • UnrulyFans – Web3-focused platform where PPV can be purchased with cryptocurrency.

The main advantage of these other platforms is they help solve the discovery challenge. New creators find it extremely difficult to get found on saturated sites like OnlyFans. But, alternative platforms allow creators to more easily attract an initial audience to sell PPV content to.


Selling PPV content is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your OnlyFans page. But you need the right combination of enticing content, strategic promotion, and optimized pricing to maximize your earnings. Avoid leaving money on the table or deterring sales with prices that are too low or high.

Carefully consider factors like content type, customization level, fan preferences, willingness to pay, and platform when setting your PPV prices. Start on the lower end of typical ranges and experiment with higher pricing for premium content. Back up your pricing decisions with data on what converts best for your audience.

Implementing best practices around exclusivity, promotions, captivating captions, and personalized targeting will further boost your PPV performance. Selling PPV ultimately allows you to diversify your income stream while catering to fan desires for exclusive content.

Tools like Supercreator provide the CRM profiles, analytics, and insight to take your PPV strategy to the next level. The integrated platform gives you the data and guidance you need to maximize earnings from your pay-per-view content.




What factors should I consider when pricing PPV content?

Consider the type of content (photo vs video, length, etc), level of exclusivity and customization, production quality, individual fan preferences and willingness/ability to pay, and benchmarks from other successful creators on OnlyFans.

What is the minimum subscription price on OnlyFans?

The minimum subscription price creators can set is $4.99 per month. Maximum is $49.99 per month.

How much does the average person make on OnlyFans?

Currently, the average OnlyFans creator earns around $180 per month. Top earners make over $1 million per month. Most creators fall somewhere in between, depending on many factors.

How does PPV work on OnlyFans?

PPV stands for “pay-per-view.” Creators can send photos, videos, messages, etc to fans that are hidden behind a paywall. Fans must pay a one-time fee to unlock and view the content.

Is PPV payment a one-time fee?

Yes, PPV is designed as a one-time payment to unlock specific content. It is not an ongoing subscription or membership.

Why can’t I send PPV messages on OnlyFans?

If you just created your OnlyFans account, you may need to wait 1-2 days for PPV messaging to be enabled after passing initial verification checks. If issues persist, contact OnlyFans support.

Does OnlyFans take a cut of creator earnings?

Yes, OnlyFans takes a 20% commission on all creator payouts. The remaining 80% goes directly to you.

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