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How much should I buy a disposable vape for?

Are you a smoker who wants to switch to vaping from cigarettes? You’ll need to be aware of vape product costs. If you’re worried that choosing a healthy option may cost more, you can relax knowing that this is untrue. Vaping may be affordable, particularly if your objective is to stop smoking. You can also buy bulk disposable vapes like hyppe max flow 10 pack for your ease and according to your budget. There are methods to accomplish it on a budget even if you decide to take it up as a hobby. 

How much do vapes cost?

Nowadays, a starter vape may be purchased rather affordably. They vary in appearance and performance and are easy-to-learn gadgets. Disposables, pod systems, AIOs (all-in-ones), vape pens, and MTL tanks with tiny box mods are the many names for these vapes (starter kits). The typical pricing ranges are:

$5–$10 for disposable vaporizers

$10 to $30 for pod systems

$15 to $35 for vape pens

$30 to $60 for starting kits 

Although those price ranges are average, certain gadgets are more expensive. Although more costly vapes are not always better performers, they frequently feature superior manufacture, greater design innovation, and robust durability.

Replacement coils

A heating element (coil) needs to be changed in every vape. As a result, you must factor the price of coils into your calculations. The coils, which can be found in cartridges, pods, or tiny metal housings, typically cost between $1 and $5 each. These must be changed roughly once each week (but sometimes longer in between).

One to ten milliliters of e-liquid may be expected to be consumed daily by vaping, however, most people would fall in the lower half of that range. Consumption will vary based on the amount of vapor produced by the device, how much nicotine you want to take in, and the potency of the juice. 

How much does vape juice cost?

When figuring out how much vaping costs, vape juice is a crucial component to take into account. The initial cost is typically lower for an e-juice-prefilled device than for a refillable one. Nevertheless, the quantity of vape juice you receive will be a very little portion of what you receive when you purchase a bottle. The cost of a refillable vape will rapidly show itself to be far less expensive than a prefilled device.

In a prefilled device

The majority of prefilled devices typically only carry 1 mL or less of liquid. Regardless of whether they are bought in a multi-pack or not, the price works out to be around $3–$7 each. And before you need to change them, they typically last one to two days. They are practical but not as economical as replenishing. 

By the bottle 

E-juice comes in bottles with capacities ranging from 10 to 120 mL. Depending on the size of the bottle, prices might fluctuate and are not always predictable. Vape juice bottles often cost between $10 and $30 per bottle.

More cost-saving tips

  • Discounts are frequently provided for older technology. See if there is a “clearance” area at your favorite store. If you look in online forums or Facebook groups devoted to vaping, you may also discover used vapes at really inexpensive costs.
  • There are less expensive brands of vape juice available that have great flavors for a small portion of the cost of purportedly “luxury” juice.
  • You may save a lot more money if you wish to go into vaping as a pastime. The best ways to cut costs include wrapping your own coils and even making your own vape juice. 

Summing it up

For the first month, you may spend as low as $50 on a vape pen, replacement coils, and juice, compared to up to $120 for a full-featured box mod with an MTL tank, coils, and juice. Following that, you may anticipate paying $30 to $60 a month on average for coils and juice. In both cases, you will begin saving before the end of the first month if your daily cigarette expenditure has been approximately $6.

Disposable vapes and prefilled pods will have a relatively cheap initial cost, but depending on usage, the monthly prices would likely increase.

But, they are a great and highly useful solution—and by far the simplest method to vape—if you don’t want to make separate purchases and don’t want to experiment.


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