How Much NFT Game Developers Earn?

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Being an NFT Game Developer could be an excellent career choice if you enjoy game development. It would allow you to spend your days at work creating and testing new games. Furthermore, according to Newzoo, the gaming business is predicted to hit $200 billion by 023, indicating that job stability in this field is solid.

But how much can an NFT Game Developer expect to make? Let’s look at a typical NFT Game Developer’s salary, what factors influence it, and what talents you’ll need to succeed in the sector.

What Do NFT Game Developers Exactly Do?

Smart contracts for producing, using, and replacing NFTs in the gaming context are created by NFT Game Developers. In the blockchain, smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code that are stored on the blockchain network. NFT game creation is on the rise in the gaming industry, and it’s elevating the gamer experience by giving them more power.

A small set of basic contracts, for example, structure the popular game CryptoKitties. The basic goal of the game is to define the random mechanisms for creating new cats. Because the game’s creator is keeping the code secret at first, curious players are inventing tools to determine whether the two cats are the same.

NFT Game Development Cost 

The overall cost of developing the NFT game is estimated to be between $15,995 and $58,020. In addition, the cost is determined by the tools and technologies used to create the game.

The following is a complete cost breakdown with features:

Features  Time  Cost/Hour 
UI/UX development  42 hours $630 – $2520
User Profiles 42 hours $630 – $2520
Search and filters 96 hours  $1440 – $5760
Home page  84 hours  $1260 – $5040
Reviews and Ratings 48 hours $720 – $2880
Payments  42 hours  $630 – $2520

How Much Do NFT Game-Developers Earn?

The national average income for an NFT Game Developer is $101,644, according to ZipRecruiter. The hourly rate in the United States is $49. An NFT Game Developer’s hourly wage normally ranges from $36.06 to $62.02 per hour.

  • In the United States, the average NFT NFT Game Developer earns $92,061 per year.
  • The average starting salary for an NFT Game Developer is $67,000.
  • Oregon ($107,541), Washington ($106,339), Connecticut ($107,541), and California ($107,541) are the states with the highest salary for NFT Game Developers.
  • San Francisco, CA ($113,091), Vancouver, WA, Hillsboro, OR, Las Vegas, NV, and New York, NY are the highest paid cities for NFT Game Developers.
  • NFT Game Developers on the lower end of that spectrum, specifically the poorest 10%, earn around $67,000 per year, while the top 10% earn around $126,000.
  • That year, the top 25 percent earned $108,000, while the bottom 25 percent earned $77,000.
  • Internet, Manufacturing, and Hospitality are the industries with the highest NFT Game Developer incomes.

What is the best way to generate money with NFT gaming?

With NFT games, there are two main ways to make money. The first method is to use a play-to-earn system. The second method is to use NFTs in-game.


While some games rely solely on play-to-earn or in-game NFT models, the majority combine the two to provide the most incredible possible experience for players.

According to DappRadar, gaming-related NFTs generated $4.8 billion in revenue in 2021, and blockchain games and their infrastructure raised close to $1 billion in January 2022, adding to the $4 billion raised in 2021.

In October 2021, the project raised $50 million. Similarly, the FIFA Ultimate Team NFT game creates ripples in the gaming business, posing a threat to traditional video games and driving game producers to investigate the NFT gaming sector. NFT digital games have the potential to give new ways for content creators to commercialize their work, such as through social tokens, digital art pieces, collectibles, or in-game products, which can be distributed to millions of gamers.

With a projected population of 3 billion gamers by 2024, gamers will play an increasingly important role in creating the economics of the digital future. By 2020, the gaming industry will generate $155 billion in revenue. Analysts predict that by 2025, the company will create more than $260 billion in revenue. This, combined with the growing popularity of NFT collections and NFT gaming, has prompted companies to consider developing their metaverses or NFT games to help them break new ground in their business models.


So you’re not interested in playing the game? Owning NFTs and renting them to guilds is a newer trend in the NFT space, but it’s already generating a lot of buzz. Many guilds don’t offer this service, but it’s bound to catch on, just like play-to-earn.

NFT Game Developers’ Average Salary has been listed in the table below:

Under 3 Years 3-6 Years 6+ Years
NFT Game Developer
$72,000 $80,000 $105,000
Lead/Senior Game Programmer/Engineer
$75,000 $95,000 $120,000
Technical Director
$98,000 $105,000 $140,000

How Much Does It Cost to Create an NFT Marketplace?

The cost of developing an NFT marketplace is always a significant consideration. The cost of the NFT marketplace is broken down below based on its stage of development.

Features Development Hours Indian Developers rate $35/hour USA Developers rate $100 per hour
UX/UI 42 $1470 $4200
Log in, security  72 $2520 $7200
User profiles 42 $1470 $4200
Home Page 84 $2940 $8400
Search, Categories, Filter 96 $3360 $9600
Product page  42 $1470 $42,00
Reviews & ratings 48 $1680 $4800
Cart 48 $1680 $4480
Payments  42 $4170 $4200
Notifications 32 $1120 $32001
Ethereum Integration 96 $3360 $9600
NFT management 96 $3360 $9600
Asset management  42 $1470 $4200
Buyer’s panel 64 $2240 $6400
Seller’s panel  132 $4620 $13200
Administration panel 85 $2975 $8500
Total  1063 $37205 $106300

What Factors Affect A NFT Game Developer’s Pay?

The type of firm you work for, where you’re located, and how much experience you have all determine how much you’ve paid as an NFT Game Developer. Here’s a closer look at these three important topics.

Other Ways For Game Developers To Earn

Fees for transactions

A transaction fee is charged when a player registers to play on a crypto gaming platform and purchases in-game digital currency. That is the primary source of revenue for game  development services. The native token’s value rises as more players purchase it, benefiting gamers and developers.

Assets used in the game

Skins, or clothes, are sold in video games such as Fortnite. These aid in the player’s integration into the game’s environment. “A game firm doesn’t need to be the one selling the skins anymore to make money,” Sune Thorson, Chief of Marketing at Bright Star Studies, explains, “with the advent of blockchain gaming.” Instead, we may create a marketplace where skin transactions are recorded on the blockchain. The blockchain records every cosmetic item transaction and charges a modest fee that is returned to us.” That is to say because outfits are sold on blockchains when gamers want to sell their skins for a profit, the developers will get a piece of the earnings as well.

NFTs are commonly used to sell these assets. According to a poll, 50 percent of video game creators aim to include NFTs in their games. This increases the real-world value of gamers by allowing them to trade and profit from NFTs.

What Future Holds For Game-Developers In NFTs?

Developers may rest assured that the opportunity to increase their revenue through blockchain gaming will only expand. As the market grows in the coming years, developers may begin to trade their NFTs on other gaming platforms.

Developers will be able to enhance their reach and revenue by incorporating inter-game connections. “As more money is now being invested in the market, there’s no doubt that crypto gaming is all set to become an industry of its own,” Siddharth Menon, COO, and Founder of cryptocurrency exchange WazirX conclude. Several studios have jumped on the crypto game bandwagon to cash in on the latest craze.”


For the time being, blockchain technology and the NFT industry will never leave the crypto market unoccupied. From supplying the best earnings to providing complete transparency to the players, it will always be on the list of hot topics to keep an eye on. Entering the fascinating NFT Gaming Platform Development industry is without a doubt the best option. And now is the best time for an aspiring entrepreneur like you to break into this largely untapped market. So contact us as soon as possible and let’s make it a tremendous success!

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