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How Much Money Can Backups Save You If You’re Hit By a Cyber Attack?

Imagine this situation: you’ve been working away on a project for three months, and you finally press the save button on your computer, excited that you’ll be able to take a break. Unfortunately, your boss decides that they need something else instead of what you spent all day creating. When you tell them it’s going to take another five days at least, they become upset and demand something be done immediately. You put in a little extra time and create a new file with the changes they requested but somehow, your progress is lost overnight.

In some cases backups can save you from losing everything if cyber attackers get into your system. This isn’t just a one-time thing either; it happens almost every time there’s an update. You spend hours each night trying to figure out why your site is loading so much slower than it used to, and after checking the backups for the millionth time, you’re forced to admit that they aren’t working properly anymore either.

These are just two examples of many where backups can save you from both time and money wasted on data loss. Here are a few more:

-If your computer crashes, backups will save you valuable time by having another copy of all your work.

-Employee turnover costs businesses $15,000 per worker , but one small business saved $1 million in human capital expenses after backups helped recover their information technology company’s files.

-One small business spent nearly $200,000 on an expensive new customer relationship management system, but backups allowed them to reuse the information they had already paid for.

-Backups will save you money if your employees accidentally delete files or folders because backups can act as a failsafe in case of human error.

-Backups will help keep your business safe by ensuring that all critical data is stored offsite. The average cost of cyberattacks worldwide is $12.7 million per year.

-Cyberattacks will cut into your profits, but backups can prevent cyberattacks from taking away money you could have otherwise made.

As you can see backups are worth their weight in gold; not only do backups allow you to get back up and running quickly after an event like this, backups prevent these types of events from happening again by keeping all critical information backed up offsite; making it even more important than ever before to have backups. A good Internet of Things Networking security system can have backups as a part of it to ensure that backups are reliable and complete for maximum effectiveness. If you don’t already have backups in place, there’s no better time than the present to make sure they’re set up correctly. If you need cybersecurity, and backups in place, contact Fusion Technology Solutions today.

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