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How Much Input Do Reading Homeowners Have in the Installation Process of Anti-Bird Netting?

You want to prevent birds from building a nest on your home in Reading. So, you have decided that it is time to install anti-bird netting. Prevention is better than cure; stopping birds from landing on your building is key to avoiding nests. 

Thankfully, you have made the right choice, and you are deciding to hire a professional bird control company for the installation process. This ensures that your building is protected and that the netting is strong and installed correctly. What’s more, it is going to last for many years when durable and quality materials are used.

But, some homeowners in Reading want to know how much input they have when it comes to the installation process. Do you get to choose where the netting goes? Can you select the colour? Let’s take a closer look at the answer.

Advice on the Gauge

Something that will have to be decided on is the right gauge to use for the netting. Generally, this is something that an expert will advise you about. But, you may still be asked for your input and what you would like. There are different gauges available depending on what birds you are trying to repel.

Therefore, you will need to think about the species of bird you want to avoid coming to your property. In some cases, you might have a specific type of bird you wish to get rid of. Alternatively, you might go for the approach of deterring all species of birds. You will be able to gain advice from an expert during the process in order to make a decision. For instance, bird netting with different gauge ranges is available from Apex Bird Control. This ensures that you are able to prevent certain species from causing you problems. The team is knowledgeable to advise you on the best gauge for your property.

Approval of the Bespoke Design

Of course, to begin with, you are going to have a bespoke design created for you by a bird control company. This is going to take into account your needs, the shape of your building and what the best solution will be to create a barrier for birds. Indeed, this means that most properties are going to be different when it comes to the design of the anti-bird netting.

While the expert is going to be the person investigating your property and creating the bespoke design for you, it is going to be up to the homeowners to approve this design before the work can begin. So, know that you will be consulted on whether you like the design and whether you want the installation to go ahead. You are not kept in the dark, and most professional bird control companies keep you in the loop. Indeed, you should be provided with a price in your quote too.

You Can Choose the Netting Colour

Most property owners want to ensure that the anti-bird netting blends in with how their building looks. You do not want something obvious and in-your-face. After all, this is not going to look good, and it draws your attention to certain areas of the building. So, this means that you want a subtle design.

Thankfully, something you are able to do is choose the colour of the netting. Often, companies have several you can select from, which ensures that it is not obvious to the eye. You can choose a company that you think matches the brickwork or surrounding area. This can help ensure that the design is discreet but still able to do its job.

Why Should You Have Professionals Install Anti-Bird Netting?

Is there something in your head saying that you can install anti-bird netting by yourself? Many people think that this is an easy task. But, they soon regret it when it comes to the finished product. There are many reasons why you want to consult professionals for this type of task. Let’s take a closer look.

For Safety

Remember that birds like to gather high up on buildings. If you were going to install the netting by yourself, you would have to get up to those heights. This is going to be dangerous and it should only be done if you have experience and the right equipment. You do not want to put yourself in unnecessary danger. So, hiring the experts is going to be best for your safety. They know the best ways to install the netting safely.

To Protect Your Home

The anti-bird netting has to be securely fixed to your home in order to do its job. This means using strong fixings, as well as installing the netting in the right way. The danger is that if you do not have the right equipment or experience, you could end up doing permanent damage to your home. Of course, experts know how to install the netting, which means not taking unnecessary risks. 

For Convenience

Do you really want to be installing the netting by yourself? This is going to take a while, and it can be a hassle. This is particularly true if you have never done it before. Instead, you can save yourself the hassle by hiring professionals. This is going to be a lot more convenient and it can be done in half the time. So, the experience is going to be a lot better.

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