How much hosting space is your basic requirement?

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A website is a great way to add another income stream for your business. However, it needs to be properly looked after to ensure success and profitability. This article shares all the valuable details on the web hosting space requirements for a business.

Why Consider Web Storage?

Site owners need to consider the web hosting space their site would use as this comes under a business expense.  Using a low disk space also reduces your site’s functionality. This is important to consider otherwise everything else would fall off.

How to find out about Web Hosting Space?

Every website represents a certain amount of hosting space to function properly. For example, a YouTube-like site needs more space for running videos than a news site made up of text.

Generally, a small business website needs around 2MB of space. Any data above this limit would consume more width and load slower for people with slower internet connections.  For example, a web page using 2MB connection space would take eight seconds at a speed of 250 kbps to load. This is simply not enough.

People with high-end Internet connections can see it quicker than others. Also, the increased Internet speed such as 5G has also given more options for the web owners to go for lengthy details on web pages.

Which web aspects need high storage space?

The website is made of multiple pages. Make sure each page is less than 2MB, to load quickly. Don’t overload a lot of information on one page and spread it across the site.

Different web elements consume different spaces. The text takes the smallest space whereas a video takes the highest space.

Hosting disk space is also used by people viewing the site. For example, 1000 visitors per day viewing a page of 800KB consumes 800 MB bandwidth every day. This means that you need 24GB of monthly space. You must carefully select a web hosting plan based on this requirement.

Storage Capacity for Different Types of Site

Calculating the average page size, no of web pages and multiplying them by an estimated number of visitors would help you assess your web hosting space.  Analyze the different website types to get an idea about the hosting space.

Streaming sites such as YouTube require more space compared to blogs and personal websites. That is because the blogging sites don’t use high resources.

Most sites don’t require more than 1GB storage capacity. A blog site can easily adjust with a 1GB space. A video streaming site requires an increased storage capacity and that too on a daily basis. This is estimated at 21 terabytes per day.

Unlimited hosting is perfect for small websites that don’t use a lot of media. WordPress hosting is also a good choice for blogging and small business sites using WordPress as their development platform.

Site owners can check the different web hosting plans before selecting a cheap web hosting.


Although not many people are aware of the appropriate disk space requirements, it is critical to proper web functioning. Make sure each web page is less than 2MB or it will consume a lot of time to load properly on slower internet packages. Unlimited web hosting is the best having enough disk space for running a page with different web elements.  By assessing the web hosting space a site takes, web owners, can choose a suitable plan.

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