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One of the most effective marketing moves you can make is to distribute press releases and news articles about your firm through Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! News.  These websites attract a dedicated audience and carry significant clout as a result. 

However, as you may be aware, Yahoo! does not accept unsolicited press releases. Paying a public relations professional to pitch your story to Yahoo! and see it published would be a huge financial commitment. You might utilize a newswire provider or a press release distribution firm to get in touch with Yahoo! or one of their approved news sources.  

Using a press release distribution agency is a convenient and inexpensive way to get your news out to the public. They work with a wide range of media partners to disseminate your press release to the most relevant audience possible.

Yahoo Finance 

A media entity that is an element of the larger Yahoo! network is Yahoo! Finance. In addition to stock quotes, news articles, financial reports, and unique material, it offers financial news, data, and opinion.  

Additionally, it provides a few online tools for managing personal finances. It publishes unique news written by its staff journalists in addition to content from other websites that it has partnered with. According to SimilarWeb, it is the 20th-largest news and media website.

Regarding Yahoo News 

Since its establishment in 1996, Yahoo News has been an indispensable component of the online news aggregation landscape. As among the first online communities that encourage story swapping, its popularity skyrocketed.  

In addition to being among the most popular news outlets online, Yahoo News also provides its audience with a fresh take on current events.The variety of stories covered is one reason why Yahoo News is so well-liked.  

Stories on the site come from both mainstream news organizations like Afp and the AP and less conventional ones like Al Jazeera Television and Fox News. This diversity guarantees that readers from wherever in the world will be able to locate a story that piques their interest.

Services For Distributing Press Releases 

The top distribution of press release services help you contact your target audience and offer your story widespread exposure. Some even streamline your job with multilingual releases, emails sent directly to journalists, and in-house authoring. 

Send out press releases via participating newswire services. They send out corporate notifications to numerous news sources for a fee. Press releases for businesses listed on the exchanges we cover are available on Yahoo Finance. The following newswires are contributors:

1. SeoXnewsWire

SeoXnewsWire ranks as one of the most cost-effective PR distribution providers, with single news release plans beginning at $20. Distribute your news to certain sectors or regions of the world in a matter of hours, and do so via a wide range of high-quality media outlets, from television and newspapers to social media. The turnaround time is very quick; the report will be delivered to you in less than 24 hours. 

Costs And Features 

The cheapest plan on SeoXnewsWire costs $20 for the distribution of a single news release, while the most expensive plan costs $999 for the distribution of 50 press releases. No matter which option you choose, you have exactly one year to put it to use. 

SeoXnewsWire’s Benefits 

  • Small-business owners can afford it.
  • Industry and geographic specificity in targeting
  • Free media embedding Maximum word count: 400
  • Releases in many languages
  • Broadcast all strategies on U.S. radio and television

2. NewswireNEXT 

Yahoo will distribute press releases relating to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the Web, the Metaverse, and blockchain technology. By using NewswireNEXT, you can rest assured that your news release will be distributed to a wide audience and indexed by key search engine spiders like Google’s (News – Alerts) News and Bing News.  

And there’s no cost to include links and a single image in a press release. After the distribution is complete, you will receive a distribution report containing roughly 700 links to places where your press release can be picked up via Live.

Costs And Features 

Price (just $999) and reach (up to 700 Media sites) that are certain to pick it up. The Yahoo News site, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Currency, and several other Yahoo sites, along with major websites including Bloomberg (News – Alerts) and Nasdaq, will post your news release.

Benefits of NewswireNEXT 

  • Multi-layered, extensive targeting
  • Editing Done in Three Stages
  • Content Creation $350 Extra
  • In-Depth Analyses
  • Instant or quick publication

3. PR Newswire 

In addition to its extensive customization options, PR Newswire also provides links to important and reputable engine searches and news sites like Yahoo!  In addition to Yahoo! News plus Yahoo! Finance, your press release can have a fully-customizable reach across different mediums, in local, regional, and national markets, thanks to PR Newswire’s network of 20,000 reporters, 3,000 media outlets, and another 4,000 websites.

Costs And Features 

Price points range from $99 for guaranteed website distribution to $399 for wire placements. Make your own bespoke bundles by selecting the number of releases to include, the networks you wish to advertise to, and more. We provided some instances to serve as illustrations, but the platform itself will provide you with many more possibilities.

PR Newswire Benefits 

  • Broadcast on a variety of networks, from digital sources to global systems.
  • Go after a certain business or media outlet.
  • Discounted pricing for mass ordering
  • Discs with a white label can be purchased.
  • Editing and drafting press releases 

4. eReleases 

eReleases is a tough competitor if it comes to widespread release marketing in the US. With a history spanning over twenty years, they can boast a database with up to 2 million media relationships, including national news organisations, trade journals, local news organisations, and online influencers. 

Because of this, eReleases are the greatest option for small businesses looking to give their news the most attention. For individuals sending AP-style press releases, AP newswire distribution is also provided to improve the likelihood of receiving expert media coverage.

Costs And Features 

Like Newswire, eReleases doesn’t offer the entry-level plan that is most cost-effective; for this, consider EIN Presswire or IssueWire. As a bonus for the previous two strategies, you may send the press release straight to a selected group of influencers and journalists who are most likely to be intrigued by your story.

Benefits of eReleases 

  • Two million reporters, bloggers, and influencers in a huge database
  • More than 30,000 print, television, radio, and online outlets
  • Sending emails directly to journalists as a supplement or with the Pro plan
  • Writing assistance ($300 extra)
  • Enhancement and PR Spamshield
  • two-stage editing procedure

5. IssueWire 

The least expensive press release distribution options, including a free option, are provided by IssueWire. However, there are no media placements in the free plan or the first two premium tiers; only advertisements are shown. Small firms should select both the Tier two or Tier -2 Pro package if they want the most reputation and reach.

Costs And Features 

Prices for 200 words that are optimised and customised for your industry start at $10. Pricing for IssueWire is among the most reasonable; it starts at free to $65 for the most expensive tier. The second level or Tier 2 Pro plan is preferable for small firms when funds allow because the previous three plans, although affordable, display adverts on press releases.

Benefits of IssueWire 

  • Comprehensive analytics in real-time
  • Cost-effective—starting at 105 dollars ( newswire only)
  • Unlimited media attachments for industry targeting
  • optimization for search engines
  • published on newswire, which also curates industry- and region-specific news feeds

6. GlobeNewswire 

GlobeNewswire enjoys a genuinely worldwide reach because its press releases are distributed in over 90 nations and 35 languages.  They provide a wide range of press release upgrades, including video press releases and other ways for viewers to connect.  Additionally, live steam is an option. 

Costs And Features 

Pricing for GlobeNewswire $119 per month, $99 for each release, and $199 for each news release. Price: The DIY option begins at $150. National publication with full-service begins at $560.

Benefits of GlobeNewswire 

  • Reach Global Audiences
  • Make Yourself More Visible and Engaging Using Multimedia 
  • Receive complete editorial assistance and translation services. 
  • Examine & Assess the Effects of Your Releases 
  • Associated Press and Notified PR Platform  


Using a professional agency that offers mass placements and targeted targeting is the ideal approach to disseminating a press release. Yet, you can also compile a list of media contacts and email journalists your story directly. Finding the right method to spread your news when your company has a tale to tell is crucial.  

Finally, the cost of a news release on Yahoo Finance depends on a wide range of factors and considerations. Press release pricing and distribution options on Yahoo Finance are subject to change, so it’s best to check back frequently or get in touch with the service directly to receive the most up-to-date information.

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