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How Much Does Business Setup in Dubai Cost?

Business Setup

The business setup cost in Dubai is an important factor to consider when planning to start your company. While other aspects like marketing, logistics, and manufacturing can be dealt with later, it is critical to know the initial costs required when forming a company in Dubai. If you wish to start or expand your business in Dubai, estimate all necessary expenses before making the first move. 

Why Plan for The Cost of Business Setup in Dubai

Suppose you want to establish your business in Dubai. In that case, you need to consider buying/renting and setting up a new office, employing workers, and purchasing the required materials and supplies needed for the operation of the business. Company formation in Dubai can be expensive, especially if you don’t plan, but you can still cut costs where possible and have an excellent experience in your venture.

Business setup in Dubai includes several costs, especially when obtaining the required licenses and permits. Keep in mind that these costs vary depending on your business type and location. Small companies can start at a fee as low as AED 12,500, while others can go up to millions of Dirhams based on the nature of the business. Also, the fee might vary depending on the type of region you select.

Company Name Registration Fee

Business owners have to pay a one-time fee to register their business name. The fee can range from 400 AED to 700 AED, depending on the type of business.

Company Registration Fee

Investors pay a one-time fee to the government to register the business with the corresponding agency. This can range from 8000 AED.

Annual Business License Fee

The government requires you to pay an annual business license fee every year you wish to operate a business in the region. To get a business license, you are expected to pay 11,900 AED to 50,000 AED annually to the UAE government.

Miscellaneous Annual Fees

In addition to the above fees, there are other costs such as the visa fee for your employees, rent of office space, and more which you will be required to pay from time to time.

Business setup in Dubai involves many costs, and failing to pay even one of them can affect your company. It is advisable to hire a professional consultant such as FreeZoneMarket to guide you through the process.

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