How much does a sump pump installation cost?


A sump pump is necessary for every home which has a basement floor. Many dream home builders and buyers prefer a home with a partial or complete under-the-ground basement floor to use for their desired purposes. When you buy a modern home, a sump pump is pre-installed. A fully furnished home has such facilities to drain water from the basement floor during rain, flood and storm. The sump pump installation cost may come between $1,200 to $5,800. Here, I have detailed the cost and the factors determining the cost.

The factors determining the cost of sump pump installations are the sump pump, plumbing materials, electrical items, sump basin, cement, granite jelly and the sump pump installation company charges. When it comes to sump pumps, they are available in different capacities. The other features costing the price of sump pumps are automatic, power backup, Submersible pumps and pedestal pumps. Many homeowners prefer pedestal pumps made out of cast iron that can withstand corrosion. Such people rely on one-time installation and long-time benefits.

A sump pump’s main work is to drain out excess or flooded waterlogged on the basement floor.
Regarding plumbing materials, the cost will vary per the pipes and fixtures needed to meet the distance from the sump pit to the outlet on your ground above the basement. Drilling on the wall will be necessary if no options exist to remove the drain pipe without making a hole in the basement floor. Next comes the sump basin. They are made of plastic, fibre and a mixture of fibreglass materials. You may need some electrical wires and a switch to operate the sump pump if there is no plug point at the sump pit place. The high-end and modern homes will have power backups. If you do not have one and need to drain out water during power cuts in the rainy months, buy a power backup system for the sump pump.

A high-end home needs an advanced sump pump. Most of the sump pumps never seem they are in the basement. It is because such homes hide them with construction cosmetics or interior decoration materials that match the basement floor. Thus, the installation cost will be higher than the above-estimated installation cost. A modern homeowner comes next to the high-end home. They may spend $ 2000 less than the high-end home’s cost of installing a sump pump.

If you try it yourself, you can do it for around $ 1000. Yet, you must have sufficient tools to install a sump pump. Here, homeowners can buy cheap items and install them by themselves or by knowing how to install them by watching many online videos. Thus, you save some money that has to be spent on a sump pump installation service provider in your area. The homeowners seeking quality, warranty and long-lasting sump pumps will prefer a professional hand to install them. Thus, you can decide on a cheap sump pump if you are ready to spend on wear and tear or sump pump maintenance work.

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