How Much Can A Trader Earn From Crypto

Earn From Crypto

Cryptocurrencies aren’t the same, especially on prices and flavours as per Bloomberg articles

Two assets move together relative to their means which means two stocks are correlated to each other, that is 1.0 when the value of the stocks move together and become relative to their average prices. However, based on Forbes, correlation doesn’t really matter only in situations when a trader wants to determine the risk within an asset class. And in choosing the best cryptocurrency to start with when you want to try it out, there’s always the risk since crypto is volatile. 

The correlation of different platform prices is important, most especially to newcomers in trading. As a crypto trader, you must know if a platform is reliable and earning. Author Leonid Bershidsky wrote last January 22, 2018, that Bitcoin wasn’t reliable in terms of its price on the market compared to Litecoin and Bitcoin Dash. 

But Bitcoin, as one of the largest crypto platforms in the world, now surged to a market cap of 100 billion dollars based on Bloomberg Market Insights. 

Sample crypto platforms you can try as a trader to earn

Coinbase is one platform you can venture on if you want to earn based on their net profit, which is $1.6 billion for this quarter alone. Their earnings are $3.45 per share without stock compensation. 

Bitcoin Revolution is another good tool for investing, which is also shown in a research made by the Open Ledger team in their Bitcoin Revolution Review.

Bitcoin price, the year 2018, wasn’t that reliable when it was compared to the prices of top cryptocurrencies like Ether, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Dash, Cardano, NEM, Stellar, IOTA, EOS and more. Bitcoin Dash and Litecoin were used to offshoot the original currency of Bitcoin so they can reduce its long processing times and high processing fees. This strategy makes  small, everyday transactions efficient with minimum fees and short processing times. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies use auto robots which do  all for fast, efficient trades and payment transactions. In 2018  , IOTA was the only platform that used a free machine to machine payment and was called Bitcoin for robots. 

Now cryptosystems are run by AI’s, so services are more effective and accurate than ever before. Crypto Traders get their digital money through auto robots which make it easier for these businessmen and women to retrieve their salary regularly, hassle-free.

Cryptocurrency Traders’ Salary

ZipRecruiter posted that the current annual pay of a cryptocurrency trader in the U.S. is $94,427 and can get as high as $188,500. The salary, when calculated, is $45.40 an hour, $1,816. A  week and $7,869. A month. Top earners can get as much as $163,000.and average earners can get $94,427.A  year. 

Our local crypto trader in Quezon City can earn $94,427 a year if he or she wants to. If a crypto trader earns $94,427, it is the same as the average annual income amount which a crypto trader earns in the States, which is ranked number 1 out of 50 states in the country for Cryptocurrency Trader salaries.

Let’s check out the table on how much a cryptocurrency trader earns:

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $163,000 $13,583
Average Earners $94,427 $7,868

Some crypto traders earn more a month or a year depending on what platform they are using and their cryptocurrency’s market capitalisation.

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