How Moontography Plans to Improve the Crypto and Blockchain Space

The invention of the internet has been a very great technological breakthrough because it has enabled a chain of other inventions. Multiple projects have been built on the internet and many more are still being built every day. As many people already know, the internet is a centralized community that operates by means of servers. But the centralized nature of the internet and most projects built on it presents us with other problems. However, blockchain technology has provided solutions to some of the problems.

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A good example is the democratic nature of blockchain communities where everyone has real-time access to happenings within the space and can participate in decision-making in the community. Getting the most out of the decentralized blockchain technology requires some tools, products, and services. This is what Moontography offers.

The Moontography project is one that aims to provide a suite of decentralized tools, products, and services that will be useful to blockchain enthusiasts and the crypto community. The project is being developed in response to the great level of intimidation and high barrier of entry that is besieging the blockchain industry. Fact is, every crypto project was developed to solve a major problem in a sector or industry but while the big problems are attracting attention, the small daily challenges of the common man are suffering neglect.

Examples of these daily challenges include validation of data integrity, storing source code, providing a painless way to report one’s taxes, and more. The goal behind the Moontography project is to address some of these challenges using practical, efficient, cheap, and simple ways. Here are a few simple features of the Moonlight project that help make activities in the decentralized space easier.

Decentralized Tax Reporting

This feature helps you do the profit and loss calculations of your crypto transactions. It also helps to determine accruing tax and converts it to whatever fiat currency you wish to pay in. This way, you are provided the freedom to own your data without interference from centralized sources. 

Atomic Swap

This utility feature makes it possible for crypto dealers to swap tokens and coins for their token holders across multiple chains like BSC, ETH, MATIC, and KCC. The process of setting up a swapping contract on Moontography looks and actually is pretty simple and involves just a few simple clicks.

Farming as a Service

This feature allows other project owners to create staking programs for their communities. The staking programs enable these project owners to reward their token holders and rewards can be paid in any token. Information on their website suggests that the process is also very easy and fast. 

Decentralized Code Storage

This utility feature can help developers, software engineers, and programmers to store their source code without using the usual centralized storage mechanisms such as Github and Gitlab. Moontography has a git remote server that can allow you to store your codes directly on the blockchain.

Decentralized Password Manager

Many individuals and businesses have, at a point or the other, suffered from unauthorized data and information access. This is due to the centralized system of most storage spaces. However, Moontography is creating a completely decentralized password management system to allow people to keep their information entirely under their control. The storage space is encrypted with military grade, industry standard AES 256 bit encryption to ward off unauthorized access.


Airdrops have been around for quite some time now in the crypto and blockchain space. However, the processes involved in airdrops weren’t always simple; neither were they exactly cheap. The Moontography project also presents project owners with a cheap and easy way to airdrop tokens for their community members. With this, project owners can focus on other more important things and spend less time worrying about scripts.

In A Nutshell

Moontography is making it easier for us to use the blockchain space the way no other project has done. There are other features of the project that are really interesting. Moontography is already live and forward looking people have long been onboarded. Join their Telegram group for more information and periodic freebies.

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