How Mining Free Subchains Of TIM Is Revolutionizing Enterprise IT Businesses

For a very long time now, IT enterprise businesses have been experiencing a boom with so many blockchains in the cryptocurrency market. The status quo has remained unchanged for quite some time now. However, with the presence of free subchains of TIM now, the enterprise IT business is sure experiencing a revolution. The TIM blockchains is the world’s first quantum blockchain that assures you of the maximum security of your blockchain investments. It is a kind of 2 layer blockchain that is made of a GPS powered 1-hop nodes that is in a variety partitioned multigraph architecture. Here are some of the ways mining free subchains of TIM is revolutionizing the enterprise IT business.

The Platform Supports Up To A 100 Million Transactions In A Second

One of the amazing features of the TIM is that it has the capability to support up to a 100 million transactions or even more in one second. This is possible because the TIM is a grouping of different multiple graphs that are created on demand. Now, the more the size of these graphs reduces, the faster it becomes. This is as a result of the lowering of the network latency. These graphs have the capacity to aggregate more than 10000 transactions per second which means that if there are 10000 graphs, they might be able to achieve the 100 million transaction or more in a second.

The Platform Supports High Performance Architecture And Security

The TIM blockchain uses the GPS technology to improve the performance of it’s permission-less agents. It does this by using a new consensus mechanism that is based on geo-mining. This boosts the security of the TIM experience as the dapps become hyperlocal and geo-local aware.

The Platform Keeps It’s Transaction Fees At A Minimum For Geo-Mining

Mining in the regional zones of the main network attracts about the lowest transaction fee you can find around as the network imposes a limited transaction fee 10000 regional zones of the main network.

The Ramanujan Graph In The Platform Provides Quantum Proof Encryption

The Ramanujan Graph which is a multiple graph in the TIM exhibits prime number features in the quantum domain and this helps in making the platform secure and also helps to reduce the block size from about 1 terabyte to an amazing 1 megabyte.

Another beautiful feature of the TIM subchain is that it can be mined for free. This implies that it is possible for you to mine it without incurring any mining charges.


With these amazing features of the TIM blockchain, there is no doubt about the revolution it can cause and is already causing in the enterprise IT business and how it is chattering the status quo of the enterprise IT business.

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